This Is The Property Brothers' Smart Hack For Hiding A Big TV

A big screen TV can make your home viewing more like being at the movie theater, but what if you don't want a giant TV as the focal point of your living room? The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, have the answer. Dump the big screen and go for a projector (via The Telegraph).

On a project for their show Property Brothers: Forever Home, they found home owners who wanted very different things from their living room space. "Charlotte really wants a quiet place to curl up with her books, while Chris wants the total opposite: a giant home theater screen and projector," Drew Scott told The Telegraph. The projector was the win-win solution, and it may be something for your house.

To start with, you get more bang for your buck. The Home Theater DIY spells out the benefits. "Projectors offer an unparalleled option of screen size at their price point, with many 100-inch screen projectors coming in at well under the price of a 55-inch or 65-inch television."

A projector gives you more flexibility with your space than a big TV

It also lets you use your space in more ways. "While many family homes may have a TV above the fireplace, this screen provides a better solution because it gives the space a more classic feel when the projector isn't being used. Meanwhile, when the family does feel like watching a movie, they have a screen that's bigger than any TV they'd be able to put over the fireplace" (via The Telegraph).

It's also a big-time space saver since installing a projector will free up shelves or floor space in your home, if you have a traditional media unit. And it doesn't mean having to leave one wall blank all the time. Apartment Therapy gives some tips for using a projector screen, "you can pull down the soft screen over any wall art you may have. Alternately, you can mount the retractable screen to the ceiling, which can do double duty as a makeshift room separator in a studio apartment."