Whatever Happened To The Cheetah Girls?

In 2003, millions of kids tuned into the Disney Channel to follow four girls as they tried to make it as a pop group in New York City. Nearly 17 years later, the group has gone in various directions, with all four members of the group coming out of the movie with boosted careers in show business. 

At one point, the Cheetah Girls' empire spanned three movies, a clothing line, successful albums and a book series, as Marie Claire notes. Raven-Symoné was the biggest name attached to the franchise, as she had recently begun her starring role in That's So Raven. Symoné came back for the sequel that came out in 2006, but did not appear in the Cheetah Girls' third and final movie, Insider reports. She went on to make appearances on other Disney Channel shows such as Cory in the House, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Sonny with a Chance. The iconic Disney star came back to the network in 2017 for yet another spin off, Raven's Home

Adrienne Bailon now goes by her married name, Adrienne Houghton, and continued to tour with the group following the movie sequel releases. According to Insider, Houghton released a solo album in 2017 and stars on the day-time talk show, The Real.

Half of the Cheetah Girls came from 3LW

Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams came from the singing group 3LW to join the Disney hit movie series. Williams played Aqua in all three of the Cheetah Girls movies and toured with the group following their debut. She played a small role in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 alongside Houghton and in The House Bunny with Anna Farris, as noted by Insider. In 2016, she married Brandon Cox with costar, Sabrina Bryan, standing up as one of her bridesmaids, E! Online reports. The pair welcomed a son shortly after in 2018.

Sabrina Bryan played Dorinda Thomas in the group and went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars during two different seasons. According to E! Online, her dancing skills eventually translated to a pair of workout DVDs, and she later released a book, The Princess of Gossip. Bryan married Jordan Lundberg in 2018 and they are currently expecting their first child.

No matter how far they go, the four stars will always be remembered as the 2000s icons they were —The Cheetah Girls.