Joe Biden's Dogs' Twitter Account Is Already Blowing Up

The biggest election news since the weekend isn't about legal issues, recounts, or Biden and Harris supporters dancing in the streets across the United States. The most important victory since election day is that puppies have once again won the presidency!

President-elect Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will move into the White House in January with their two German Shepherds, Champ and Major, bringing pets back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for the first time in 4 years. Andrew Hager, the historian-in-residence for the Presidential Pet Museum, told the New York Times that President Trump was the first president in over a century not to have a pet while at the White House, and President-elect Biden will not only bring two dogs with him in the New Year, but he will make history with Major being the first rescue dog to call the White House home!

During the campaign, both Champ and Major were featured heavily on social media and there was even an ad by the Dog Lovers for Joe organization that tugged at the heartstrings, Sarah Mclaughlin-style, featuring all the adorable past puppies and their President owners with the exception of Donald Trump, and the poignant message, "Choose your humans wisely (via NPR and Fast Company)." So it's only natural that since the weekend, the newly elected presidential pups got their own Twitter account, and they already have over 133,000 followers!

Twitter is celebrating Joe Biden's win and his dogs with photos of their own pets

The biography for @First_Dogs_USA adorably reads, "We are the First Dogs of the USA, Champ and Major Biden. You can call us #DOTUS. We love nom noms, snuggles and we can't wait to explore the WH!"

Not surprisingly, the hashtag DOTUS has blown up on Twitter with users sharing their joy over the newly elected pups. From photos of adorable rescue dogs to exclamations of joy over the sheer wholesomeness of the content, Champ and Major Biden are the social media personalities the entire country needs right now. As Twitter user @b_larson15 simply states, "I'm crying. This is so wholesome and so needed." Radio host Charles Adler pointed out, "United States will again champion kindness when the White House returns to being dog friendly. Since Major is the first ever rescue in the WH, many will be inspired to adopt rescue animals. Please pass on the good news."

And good news it certainly is. As the Washingtonian reflects, the excitement over pets returning to the White House, "feels like yet another return to normalcy."

There's no denying that Champ and Major are becoming beacons of hope for the entire nation regardless of party lines, and thanks to their Twitter and Instagram accounts, these pups are helping unite a divided nation.