Here's How To Make Your Own Plant-Based Milk Without The Mess

As a cleaner and greener alternative to buying your milk alternative from the grocery store, making your own plant-based milk actually isn't as time-intensive as you may think. Indeed, it's worth noting that just because you're opting for plant-based milk, it doesn't mean that it's always that much healthier — especially since the store-bought varieties often come packed with sugars, salt, preservatives, and stabilizers. So while your off-the-shelves plant-based milk options may come with drawbacks of their own, the good news is that making your own — without all the additives — is also easier than you think.

To get started, you'll need a high-powered blender, whatever nut or seed you're planning to milk, and whole dates. According to Planted365, a high-powered blender can effectively pulverize the nuts fully so that you don't need to use a nut-milk bag — a common (and messy) reason that many avoid making their own milk. You can have a fine-mesh strainer on hand if you need to separate any leftover pieces, the outlet notes, but say goodbye to your milk bag!

Start by selecting your base by finding high-quality ingredients. From here, the recipes are relatively straightforward, since the blender makes a huge difference in the process. Plus, making your own plant-based milk offers an affordable alternative compared to inflated store prices.

Start with the simplest plant-based milk

Perhaps the easiest place to start making your own is with oat milk — likely good news since oat milk is the newest plant-based option that's taken off. This variety requires no soaking time, plus oats are cheaper than various nuts, Mindbodygreen notes. Simply blend a cup of rolled oats with three cups of filtered water (you can increase or decrease this amount slightly depending on what texture you would like) with an optional pinch of salt or drop of vanilla extract, the outlet explains. From here, you can rinse the milk through a fine-mesh strainer as needed.

Remember that plant-based milks from the store often are fortified with Vitamin D and other minerals, but the home-made option won't provide those, Mindbodygreen explains. However, without the gums and additives, your home-made plant-based milk will have that benefit instead.

When making nut-based milks, stick with a simple ratio. Planted365 recommends starting with a fourth of a cup of any nut and blending with 2 cups of filtered water. For a sweeter version, you can add a medjool date or vanilla extract. After you've blended fully, your drink should be ready to go. Store in a glass carton or pitcher for a few days, and enjoy your homemade concoction!