This Fruit Is Your Secret Weapon To Having A Clean Home

If you're sick of using cleaning products that leave your home smelling like a science lab and your head pounding, you've likely thought about natural alternatives that you can use. But, it's not just classics like lemon and baking soda that can make a difference in your cleaning routine. Another citrus fruit can do wonders without the chemicals as well.

Grapefruit's scent graces candles, self-care products and perfumes, but its cleaning abilities are a valuable benefit as well. For instance, Taste of Home details a microwave cleaner that involves placing the citrus fruit in a bowl filled with water and heating for about three minutes. The steam will help to loosen any clung-on articles within your microwave, making it easier to remove while leaving behind a fresh, invigorating scent. 

On top of microwave cleaning, grapefruit helps remove grease, particularly when combined with salt. Spritz the grapefruit juice on top of the affected area and then sprinkle salt on top, let sit for about 10 minutes and then remove with a cloth or sponge, Taste of Home recommends.

Grapefruit contains powerful antibacterial properties

According to WebMD, grapefruit has long been a tool employed by agriculturalists to kill bacteria, fungus and parasites while fighting mold growth. It even helps preserve food and water. When added to your cleaning arsenal, this citrus fruit can help you do all of these things within your home. 

If cleaning your bathtub with chlorine bleach is leaving you with a headache and soap residue, grapefruit and salt can be your new cleaning tools of choice. Purewow recommends placing salt on a slice of grapefruit then rubbing all over your wet tub or shower. Simply wet your tub and sprinkle salt around the sides, then use the grapefruit and salt combination to scrub off any residue. Squeeze some of the juice over the drain to help break up any buildup within the pipes as well, then rinse with warm water to finish. 

And, don't forget the peel! You can add the peel to a jar of vinegar to create your own natural, multi-purpose cleaner.