Here's When To Take Your Probiotic To Get The Biggest Benefits

People now understand how vital gut health is to overall health and, as such, many have turned to probiotics to help reset their systems. With benefits like a humming digestive system, improved heart health, heightened immunity, and more, probiotics serve up an incredible dose of good bacteria that helps the body perform vital functions (via Healthline). In order to reap the full amount of benefits, however, your probiotic regimen should revolve around a certain time frame.


According to Mindbodygreen, probiotics are best absorbed by your stomach lining when your stomach acid levels are lowest. When they're at this point, the healthy bacteria can survive and take hold in your gut, giving you the immune-boosting, skin-glowing benefits you're looking for. That means that taking your probiotic on an empty stomach offers the largest chance of the bacteria working effectively.

When you do eat your food, your stomach secretes its acid to break down whatever you ingested — including your probiotic.

Aim to wait 30 minutes before eating anything after you take your probiotic

Because probiotics have to survive a long journey to the gut, timing your dosage is important to keeping these delicate bacteria alive. Vincent Pedre, M.D.m tells Mindbodygreen that probiotics "must survive several obstacles: the manufacturing process, shelf life, and (once you take them) the acid in your stomach environment to reach your intestines, where they do their job."


Plus, the healthy bacteria doesn't stay in your stomach for too long, so keeping a steady routine will help you see the results you're looking for. Some doctors recommend taking your supplements at night for this reason. Since the stomach is all but inactive while you sleep, your probiotic can spend more time in the gut, and thus be more fully absorbed, Women's Health explains. If you must take your supplement with food, try to wait 30 minutes before eating, as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium survive better in this environment, Healthline notes. 

Try taking your gut supplement before bed or on an empty stomach, and see if you notice a difference in its effectiveness!