Fox News Anchor's Hilarious Reaction Caught On Camera

Anchoring a live news show can be a difficult task. Between checking the script, managing feedback from producers behind the camera, and listening to their guests, there are plenty of opportunities for reporters to reveal something accidentally. The latest news anchor to reportedly be caught on-camera unaware was Fox News's Sandra Smith (via Vulture). In a clip from the Fox News show America's Newsroom, Trace Gallagher was interviewing a woman who didn't believe Joe Biden had won the presidential election. Smith looked down at her desk, listening but seemingly unaware that she, too, was on camera.


As the interviewee said, "...whoever has decided to be the President, remember, just because CNN or even Fox News says somebody's President, that doesn't make 'em President," Smith looked straight at the camera and uttered an incredulous, "What?" The interviewee went on, saying, "I think everybody wants to know that this was done properly and legally and that we trust the results." Smith responded, "what is happening? Like, Trace, we called it." The sassy, honest reaction struck a chord not just with TV viewers, but with the internet.

Twitter went nuts for Sandra Smith's gaffe

The video quickly went viral, attracting takes both from supporters and critics. "Sandra is getting a taste of what if feels like to be the rest of us," one person tweeted. Another praised Smith's honesty, writing, "I applaud .@SandraSmithFox for being the reasonable adult in the room, whether or not she's on air." Some speculated that behind the scenes, Smith doesn't fall in rank with the network's pro-Trump slant (via NPR). "I like when we get a glimpse every now and then into their real minds," said one observer.


Of course, not everyone was amused by the gaffe. "Yikes! Regardless of what you think about the election, this is not a good look for Sandra Smith!" one person tweeted. It wasn't the first time Fox News had been criticized by fans for its election coverage. 

However the Internet feels about Smith's opinions, one thing's for sure: a new reaction GIF has been born.