This Is How Long It Takes To Film An Episode Of Flea Market Flip

Those of us who covet vintage and antique items love the show Flea Market Flip. Contestants on the show compete to find hidden treasures that need some TLC and then turn them into beautiful high-end items. The show is hosted by Lara Spencer and features two teams who compete on the show, are each given $500 and a list of things to find at a flea market, per Great American Country. They are then given one day to transform their pieces from drab to fab and then have to try and sell them for the highest price at a flea market. The team that nets the most cash on their refurbished products wins $5,000. 

While the show is only 30 minutes, insiders revealed the actual taping takes much longer. Jessica Delfino and her mom were contestants on the show and said that it took three full days to film, according to VH1. "I think ultimately, my mom enjoyed the time we spent together, and she had fun spending someone else's money and winning money," Delfino said. "But it was frustrating that it was such a time consuming, 3 day shoot, and that it was a little bit rough and tumble as far as show biz goes."

Why does the show take multiple days to film?

Sarah and John Trop also wrote about their experience on the show and explained what it's like on their blog FunCycled. Sarah explained that the first day is considered the shopping day and starts bright and early in the morning. She explained that the flea market is huge and they had just one hour to find the best pieces. "That was extremely difficult just because it was such a large flea market and we lost our bearings and couldn't find the pieces we had run by for 10 minutes," Sarah wrote.

The next day is considered the "build day," where contestants work with professional furniture builders to create their dream items. "The designer in me absolutely loved having the freedom to think up any design and then have a team of experts there to help us make it happen," Sarah said. However, she admitted it's a very long day, working for 12 hours. 

The third and final day is the "selling day," where contestants have a few hours to hawk their creative new pieces. Both Sarah and Delfino won their episode and said they really enjoyed it. "I loved the experience and I'd totally do it again," Delfino wrote (via VH1). "I'm hoping that they will do a winners against winners episode someday, I'd love the chance to come back and clean house once more."