What Happened To Danny And Amy From 90 Day Fiance?

It's not often that 90 Day Fiancé features a couple that seems to have almost everything going for them and whom viewers can root for 100 percent. Danny and Amy from Season 2 of the show were that couple, though. They were arguably one of the best 90 Day Fiancé couples of all time, and if it weren't for Danny's father's racial insensitivities, their quick transition from couplehood to marriage might have been totally seamless.

Danny and Amy met and fell in love on a bible study trip in Australia when he was 23 and she was 21, per The Cinemaholic. Once Amy left her native South Africa and joined Danny in his home state of Pennsylvania, the two began planning their wedding — only to learn that Danny's dad couldn't condone an interracial marriage. Amy and her family handled this challenge with utter grace and acceptance (according to Screen Rant), and Danny's father eventually reversed his judgement and chose to support their union. 

Today, not only is Danny and Amy's marriage alive and well, but these 90 Day Fiancé stars have also started a family.

Danny and Amy from 90 Day Fiance are staying busy with work and family life

You really can't help but feel proud of 90 Day Fiancé-ers who actually make it to the altar and manage to maintain their marriage afterwards. So many of the show's couples implode before exchanging vows (although a few seemingly-doomed couples have proved fans wrong in the past). But we had a good feeling about Danny and Amy from the beginning and, as it turns out, the Frishmuths have been married since we saw it play out on the TLC series back in 2014.

One year into their marriage, Danny and Amy started their family. The Cinemaholic reports that the couple welcomed their son, Jedidiah (whom they call Jed), in 2015, and their daughter, Anna, two years after that. When they're not busy raising cute kids, Danny and Amy build churches and volunteer as church counselors. They've also been putting in time on DIY projects around their fixer-upper home in Texas, which they documented on their @frishmuthhome Instagram page, until Amy merged the account with her personal one in October 2020.

However, it seems as though things are about to get even busier for this family of four — as Soap Dirt reported in May 2020, a new baby is on the way.

Baby number three is on the way for 90 Day Fiance's Danny and Amy

Danny and Amy Frishmuth are about to add a third little one to their clan, and that should come as no surprise to 90 Day Fiancé fans. Before they were even married, they both knew they wanted a big family. Danny told TLC, "We both want at least five kids ... I want to have a ton of kids, I want to have as many as I can." Well, they're headed in the right direction.

Danny and Amy shared their baby announcement with fans on Mother's Day 2020 via Instagram. The sweet post included a video that captured the moment they broke the news to their young children with the caption, "Happy Mother's Day, 2020 a year of miracles & blessing!" The clip shows little Jed and Anna's shocked and delighted faces as Danny announces there's a baby in their mom's tummy. When Amy asks the kids what they wanted the baby to be, it's clear that Jed is hoping for a brother, while it seems Anna might prefer a sister. 

Baby number three should be arriving any time now — hopefully we'll be able to catch a glimpse of all the Frishmuth family cuteness on Insta. And if any other 90 Day Fiancé couples out there are watching ... take notes! These two certainly seem to be living happily ever after.