The Truth About The New Bachelorette Contestants

The Bachelorette has seen a lot of shakeups this year. From the COVID-19 pandemic delaying the start of the season to Clare Crawley falling in love with Dale Moss at first sight and leaving the show, it has been a wile ride. It's hard to believe that we're only a few weeks into the season, which is now starring Tayshia Adams, who replaced Clare after she went off to live her happily ever after with Dale.

Tayshia didn't exactly pick up where Clare left off, though. While Clare's suitors stayed on to meet the new Bachelorette, four new contestants were added to the mix: Peter Giannikopoulos, Noah Erb, Montel Hill, and Spencer Roberston.

The four newcomers aren't complete newbies to Bachelor Nation, though. All four of them were originally cast as part of Clare's season, which originally included 42 men. Several of the suitors were cut, though, and only 31 of them met Clare in the season premiere.

Tayshia Adams 'couldn't have asked for... a better group of men'

An insider confirmed to Us Weekly back in July that, when it became clear that Clare was head over heels for Dale, "producers reached out to backup Bachelorette contestants who had been vetted for Clare's season but were ultimately not cast to film."

The new additions increased Tayshia's pool of suitors from 16 to 20. While Tayshia was initially worried that Clare's former suitors might still be hung up on her, she said that she was pleased with how things turned out. "I couldn't have asked for, like, a better group of men," she toldĀ Us Weekly. "I've always said that I want an older, more mature man that has depth and all of these guys have exactly that. It was, like, perfect."

Tayshia has hinted at what's in store this season. "The guys are incredible, but they did make me cry," she told ET. "There are some really fun dates, there are a lot of twists and turns... You're starting to really create relationships and really care about these people and breaking up is part of the journey that no one really talks about. But that's the hardest part, once you're starting to establish relationships and connections, and that's kinda why I start crying."