Don't Throw Out Too Light Foundation Until You've Tried This

With so many of us ordering items online during the pandemic rather than buying in stores, you might end up purchasing a non-refundable product that you really wish you'd had the chance to try on beforehand. If you find yourself with a foundation that's too light for your skin tone, don't worry — there are a few tricks you can try before you chalk it up to money wasted. 

According to PopSugar, one thing you can do with your too-pale foundation is try using it as a shimmer-free highlighter. Use it to elongate your nose, to add definition to the bow of your lips, to brighten the apples of your cheeks, or to freshen up the corners of your eyes and the area under your eyebrows. It's also worth noting that you may eventually be able to use the too-light foundation as is, if you're someone whose skin tone changes a lot depending on the season. It might be tough to face up to how much paler you get during the winter months, but the outlet suggests that you consider saving your foundation until then, just to try. You never know, perhaps once your summer tan has faded, the foundation's shade will be perfect.

If either of these tricks don't pan out, you may also be able to adjust the tone of the too-light foundation.

How to adjust the tone of your too-light foundation

Before you toss your too-light foundation in the bin, there are actually some ways you can adjust the shade at home until it matches your complexion. StyleCraze recommends mixing in some bronzer or a darker shade of foundation or concealer. Try a small amount on a makeup palette before mixing the darker shade in with the whole bottle — you don't want to end up with two wasted cosmetic purchases. 

If you have yellow undertones — which are especially common among people with South Asian roots — another surprising thing you can try is mixing just a tiny bit of turmeric in to give your foundation a golden glow. However, the outlet warns that you should proceed with caution if you go this route, since turmeric can stain skin. So try a little bit on your arm and see what you think, and also try it on at home before you take the turmeric look out in public. That said, if you have pink undertones, you can try adding a little blush to give your concealer a rosy hue.

Hopefully, with these tricks and a little bit of ingenuity, you'll be able to get your money's worth out of your new foundation. Hey, if all else fails, you can always pass your foundation on to a paler friend in need.