Do Tea Bags Under Eyes Actually Work?

Whether you have dark circles, puffiness or even rosacea, applying various types of tea bags underneath your lids can actually make more of a difference than you think. If you've ever used a hot or cold compress for swelling before, you'll know that various temperatures can be powerful medicines, only this time, your compress contains antioxidants.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of tea are well-documented, and you don't have to ingest the tea to reap them. One of the main ingredients that may help reduce swelling comes from the tea's caffeine content. Since expanded blood vessels can lead to puffy under eyes and bags, the stimulative properties of caffeine may aid in reduction of these symptoms. But, these benefits may come from another source. According to Mindbodygreen, one study found that reduced swelling from a caffeine-containing eye cream more likely stemmed from the cooling effects of the substance.

Cold tea bags actually may prove to be the best option when using them for dark circles. Because they form a small ice pack that fits conveniently under your eyes, cold tea bags could actually be the instrument that shrinks your blood vessels, the outlet notes. With a high antioxidants content as well, cool tea bags could have you seeing anti-inflammatory results over time.

Start by finding the right tea

Just like when you drink tea, you'll likely choose one based on benefits and taste for your beauty routine as well. Various compounds from different kinds of teas help with corresponding ailments. According to Mindbodygreen, one study found that green tea extract was an effective way to treat mild dry eye, while black tea has long been believed to reduce redness. If you're suffering from an infection, calendula, chamomile and fennel tea may help relieve irritation, Healthline notes. Chamomile and green tea may also be beneficial for those suffering from rosacea.

To make your compress, start by finding the right tea for you. For dark circles and puffiness, stick with black or green tea, for instance. Then, brew a cup with two tea bags for the recommended amount of time, squeeze out the extra liquid and take them out to cool, Healthline explains. You can also let them cool in the fridge for a few minutes, then take them out to rest underneath your eyes. Let them sit for 15-30 minutes, the outlet recommends.

When it comes to eye ailments, tea bags could be your latest treatment that comes from your pantry!