Trump's Hair Color Has The Internet Doing A Double Take

President Donald Trump might have appeared on camera for the first time in about a week and he might have been delivering an update on the development of a potential coronavirus vaccine. He even nearly tripped up and gave what the internet thought was the closest thing to a concession it would hear for a while when he said, "I won't go into a lockdown. This administration will not be going into a lockdown. Hopefully, whatever happens in the future — who knows which administration it will be — I guess time will tell..." (via Heavy).

But instead of paying close attention to what he had to say, the internet was more focused on what appeared to be a new look for the president, because instead of the deep orange tan and yellow-blonde hair, Trump stepped out with a deep orange tan and a head full of silver.

The color change isn't an accident. After all, the president has said in the past, "My hair has to be perfect" (via The Independent), and he is known for having spent more than $70,000 on his look while he was on The Apprentice (via The New York Times). 

So what might have prompted Trump to go with the new look? Trust the internet to weigh in, and they had plenty to say on the subject.

The internet jumped on Trump for changing his hair color

One user called out CNN for not talking about Trump's new look, saying: "@CNN Why is no one talking about the fact that Donald Trumps hair was grey. Not blonde. Grey." There were others questioning whether or not their eyes had deceived them, asking, "Is it me or has Trump's hair gone from blonde to grey this week? Sad." 

Other Twitter users were less forgiving, saying: "I know everyone has been talking about Trumps white/grey hair. He's came out with it before. In March I believe. He's in his mid 70s. He does it to gain sympathy. Pay it no mind. Give attention to the Georgia seats and Biden. Give it to covid. Don't keep feeding a slain monster."

But one user pointed out another theory: "Trump's hair did not suddenly turn grey. He dyed it that color to look more like our President-Elect."