The Real Reason 90 Day Fiance's Yazan Wants To Marry Brittany Even Sooner

Yazan and Brittany's rocky road to romance continues on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other WayAs reported by ET, after being fired by his father and kicked out of the family home, Yazan was relieved when Brittany finally showed up in Jordan to see him. However, the couple soon got into one of their trademark shouting matches. Then, after a night out on the town with her friend Angela, Brittany realized she should cut her man some slack.

She was subsequently impressed when he didn't judge her for drinking, as he has done in the past, and with Yazan's new barbershop job. Although Angela was confused by her friend's sudden about-face, things at least seemed to be going a little bit smoother for the couple. Brittany even acknowledged she was impressed with Yazan working and finding a place for them to live. When it came to their long-term plans, though, the couple remains on completely different pages.

Yazan is ready to make a lifelong commitment to Brittany

ET details how Yazan appears to have softened on many of his initial demands for Brittany, including requiring her to convert to Islam prior to getting married. However, as she acknowledged, based on previous experience, "whenever his family puts pressure on him, he always changes his mind and that obviously worries me." Later, Yazan admitted to producers he had to tell Brittany how hard it's been with his family because of their relationship — his father actually threatened to kill Yazan if he continued to see her.

Yazan can no longer wait years to get married, telling Brittany simply, "I cannot have girlfriend, babe. I cannot make my God, like, angry at me. Like, we must marriage." In fact, they need to tie the knot within a month. Brittany is still technically married to her ex, but she's annoyed by being given an ultimatum regardless, telling producers, "I don't like that he's giving me a month to marry him. There are so many other things that we haven't even addressed yet." In the end, Yazan simply told her, "I swear Brittany, I want to be with you. Just that."