Here's Why A Below Deck Sushi Dinner Has Fans Seeing Red

Bravo show Below Deck is known for its drama amongst the crew members, but this time it's a guest dinner that's causing outrage on Twitter. In a recent episode called "Work Hard, Play Hard," a model is brought on board to lie on a table and have guests eat sushi off of her. Oh, and she's (mostly) naked (via Vulture).

People were not having it. One user tweeted, "That poor girl having to lay there covered in sushi. Not cool." Another one chimed in, "Eating sushi off of someone definitely feels pre-pandemic to me." One wrote, "The whole thing is repulsive to me. Eating anything of someone's naked body is..." and then followed it up with the vomiting emoji.

One person lit into the moneyed guests who had ordered dinner served on top of a naked woman, writing, "Who the F*** wants to eat sushi off a naked person?? Thats so gross. These kids are just ridiculous. Just bc you have the money to spend doesn't mean you should buy it. Plus, it's so degrading." Yet another had harsh words for the show itself and posted, "How f***ing dare you @belowdeck I understand she signed up for it but to have guests eating sushi off of a human being is f***ing disgusting and degrading..."

People are ticked that high end sushi was wasted on wasted rich kids

Another Below Deck viewer brought up what seems like a pretty valid health and safety issue, posting, "But, doesn't the sushi get warm? Did she shower beforehand? What about the hair and feet on the table?" And this very valid point, "What happens if the sushi model has to go to the bathroom?"

Others were upset that the high end sushi was basically wasted on a bunch of wasted guests, particularly considering the work put in by Rachel Hargrove, tweeting, "Chef just make these kids some dang hot dogs and chips and keep the jello shots flowing. i cant believe they wasted that grade of sushi on these drunks." They definitely weren't the only one thinking that. Another tweeted, "Dinner was wasted on those kids Rachel, so sorry. They could've had Publix Sushi and wouldn't know the difference."

One user, however, had a unique reason for being irritated at the sushi stunt, and the presumably pregnant woman wrote, "Watching #BelowDeck and all I want now is sushi. How many more days till this demon spawn child is out of me?????"