Inside Of Britney Spears' Gorgeous Mansion

What's it like inside Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion? When you think of female pop stars, chances are the '90s O.G. comes to mind: it's Britney, b*tch. Listen, Britney's had a bit of a rough run since the good old days, when she was so lucky, a star, like there was nothing missing in her life. The world was spinning and she kept on winning. She was Mrs. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, Mrs. Oh my God that Britney's shameless! She got to call Justin Timberlake her boyfriend, and she somehow made low-rise jeans look great. Wasn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl?

Indeed it hasn't always been easy for Britney, who had a pretty public and well-documented mental break in 2007, according to Entertainment Tonight. But she's stronger than yesterday and, these days, it's nothing but her way. Britney made the comeback of the century. The Miss American Dream now lives her best life in a gorgeous mansion fit for a queen. Some might say that the place is just so typically Britney

OK, enough lyric fun. Read on to check out her unbelievably gorgeous pad for yourself. We must confess, it's pretty epic. Oops we did it again!

Britney Spears' gorgeous $7.4 million mansion is in Thousand Oaks

Britney Spears' neoclassical, Italianate-style home sits pretty in the Southern California Hills, according to Lonny. The "I'm a Slave 4 U" singer purchased the gorgeous mansion for a cool $7.4 million, which is actually a pretty typical price for area. Thousand Oaks is the second-largest city in Ventura County, and is nestled between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, according to the City of Thousand Oaks website. The area boasts 15,000 acres of natural, publicly-owned space, with the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains in the background. It also prides itself on its 150 designated miles of trails for walking, running, biking, and hiking. In fact, it was named one of the county's greenest cities.

In other words: Thousand Oaks is the perfect place for Britney to call home, as she loves to be active. The "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer is always posting Instagram videos of her workout routines, from dancing around and boxing with her trainer to practicing her handstands and going for bike rides along the beach promenade.

Britney Spears' gorgeous, 12,000 square-foot mansion sits on 21 acres

Britney Spears' Thousand Oaks mansion takes up 12,000 square feet on 21 acres of land, nestled on top of a hill in a luxurious, gated community, according to Lonny. From up there, the marble home boasts stunning views from all sides of the house. It's especially private, too; with over eight hectares of land and two separate entrances, the villa is perfect for the pop princess, according to the real estate brokerage, Engel und Völkers (who sold the gorgeous mansion to her).

While the sprawling property might seem like a lot of space for Britney, she certainly seems to make the most of every last square foot and acre. The singer-songwriter is always sharing photos and videos of her getting creative in her home on social media. From twirling around the house to painting in her sun-drenched yard to putting on fashion shows (like... a lot of fashion shows) with old clothes she digs up in her closet (because she has the space to keep it all), it's clear that Britney truly does love her pricy pad.

Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion boasts stunning views of the Santa Monica mountains

Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion boasts stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains, according to Vogue. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows in spaces like the opulent living room, for example, Britney and her family and guests can enjoy the scenic surroundings from the comfort of her sprawling home. Thanks to views like this, the mansion is an upgrade from the former "Mickey Mouse Club" cast members' others houses. Britney still owns "Serenity," her family home in Kentwood, Louisiana, according to Variety. But we're sure that the Santa Monica Mountains bring the fitness queen a lot more joy.

Britney often posts photos of her hikes on Instagram, and with good reason. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area offers 34 moderate trails that range from 1.6 to 10.1 miles from 88 to 3,057 feet above sea level, according to All Trails. So Britney can get out of bed every morning with a view that inspires her to keep active.

There are five bedrooms in Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion

According to the real estate brokerage Engel und Völkers, that sold the villa to Britney Spears, the gorgeous mansion has an incredible interior that's more than 1,000 square meters in size. Of that space in the Thousand Oakes dwelling, there are five bedrooms, again noted by Engel und Völkers. Britney shares the home with her two sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline (who she shares custody of with her ex, Kevin Federline), and her current boyfriend, Sam Asghari. It's probably safe to assume that Britney uses the spare bedrooms for celebrity guests, too. 

Britney's bedroom in the house seems like a sacred space, according to her Instagram page. For example, she posted a video of her meditating, praying, and practicing yoga positions in her bedroom. "Meditation, prayer, and working out is crucial for this time in our lives," she wrote in the caption of her doing just that by her bedside.

Britney Spears has seven and a half bathrooms in her gorgeous mansion

Every pop star needs a gorgeous mansion with enough pampering rooms to maintain their beauty routines, as well as keep up with their own personal style. Britney Spears' house does not disappoint in this regard, as it boasts seven and a half bathrooms, according to Lonny. That's probably why Britney is always sharing Instagram selfies in her bathroom mirrors, and showing off her favorite outfits, too. And from the looks of it, Britney has at least one well-lit vanity with drawers for all her makeup, and lots of space to play dress-up, according to her Instagram page. 

While the singer-songwriter told Instagram followers that she prefers to go bare-faced without much makeup these days, she definitely has the cabinet space for her skincare products. "I like toners," she told Vogue, for example. "I'm all about a good astringent toner before I put my moisturizer on. I can't just put moisturizer on — I have breakouts because I work out." 

Finally, it's likely that Britney keeps some of her favorite skincare products, like La Mer, Elizabeth Arden, and Neutrogena in her bathrooms.

The master suite walk-in closet in Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion is fit for a pop star

Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion was on the market with Engel und Völkers in Westlake Village when her agent called to inquire about it, according to the real estate brokerage that sold the villa to her. Her agent could tell that the home would be a good fit for Britney, thanks to all the privacy it has. But the dwelling also had magical touches fit for a pop star, like a master suite walk-in closet, according to Lonny. We all know that Britney loves the outfits she's always showing off on social media, so she needs a lot of closet space for her incredible wardrobe.

If you're curious as to what Britney is wearing these days, check out her "another day, another runway" captions on Instagram. Additionally, here's a fun fact: Britney still has her old-school cowboy hat from back when, you know, cowboy hats were a thing.

The living room in Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion the stuff of dreams

According to the real estate brokerage, Engel und Völkers, that sold the Britney Spears her gorgeous mansion, Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone were the original owners of the home, and they had the stunning property built. 

Inside, there's a fabulous foyer that features a grand staircase, which leads to the sun-soaked, semi-circular living room; it's cream-colored with natural tones throughout the whole room. Sheer, off-white curtains drape down the floor-to-ceiling windows, which let the natural California sunshine in bit. But because Britney's house is up high on a hill in a gated community, she doesn't have to worry about privacy problems. Though, there's plenty of couch space and elegant marble tables in the living area to host company when she does want people around.

Around the holidays, Britney makes sure to spruce up the space with bright colors, lights, and holiday decor, according to a post on her Instagram page. We're sure that holidays at her house are nothing short of magical.

There are plenty of cozy rooms in Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion

Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion certainly isn't tight on space, either outside or inside. In fact, there are tons of cozy rooms like a breakfast nook, a media room, and an informal family room for her, her two sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline (who she shares custody with her ex, Kevin Federline), and her current boyfriend, Sam Asghari, to enjoy, according to Lonny.

While there's a ton Britney could certainly do with all of that space, it seems like she and Asghari use plenty of those rooms to work out together, according to posts on her Instagram page. But when Britney isn't making music or focusing on fitness, she's probably watching her favorite Disney movie, Frozen, or her favorite "movie movie," Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in her media room. She revealed her favorite movies and other fun facts about herself in a Q&A video for fans.

Britney Spears' private chef cooks up meals in the wood-paneled kitchen in her gorgeous mansion

Britney Spears' gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mansion boasts a beautiful wood-paneled kitchen, according to Lonny. The kitchen has a center island, and connects to an informal dining area that has a multi-million-dollar view through the bay windows, according to Forbes. There's also a detached pool house kitchen, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Britney needs a good kitchen, as according to her Instagram page, she's quite the food lover. And, of course, rumor has it that Britney employs her own in-home private chef, according to The Blast. But she's also been spotted chopping up vegetables in the kitchen herself on Instagram. And Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, seems to cook up some delicious delights, too. "Not only is my boyfriend really hot; he's probably, like, the best chef in the world," Britney gushed in an adorable video. She told the camera that Asghari was showing off when she panned over to a clip of him cooking up some sizzling veggies on the stove.

There's a 1,200-square-foot poolside pavilion outside Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion

If you don't have an infinity pool in your mansion, are you even really a celebrity? Britney Spears sure has one, as she's a pop star that lives an insanely lavish life. Yup, she has a 1,200-square-foot poolside pavilion with none other than an infinity pool, according to VogueIt's probably where she works on that tan she seems to somehow sustain all year long — and that bikini bod she's been maintaining since the '90s. 

In fact, when the "Lucky" singer isn't creating music, she's probably swimming laps in the pool like she does every morning. "Yes I did my challenge of 60 laps, and yes it was hard!" she shared in a Facebook video of her swimming. "When I swim laps in the mornings I usually have to take a nap... The water makes me sleepy like a baby!" OK, 60 laps is enough to tire out even professional swimmers, so color us impressed.

There's also a spa, gym, tennis court, and golf court outside Britney Spears' gorgeous mansion

Of course, a gorgeous mansion fit for pop royalty has to have everything, and Britney Spears' villa certainly does. Britney has a separate spa, a home-gym, a tennis court, and a golf court on her property, according to Engel und Völkers, the real estate brokerage that sold it to her. She probably gets good use out of it all, too, since she seems to take good care of herself and keep up with her fitness routine.

The mother of two boys is always sharing photos and videos of herself working out at home and playing tennis with her boyfriend on social media. Both of her sons seem active, too, learning to do flips and back handsprings on their trampoline and enjoying their backyard golf green, too. It's no wonder Britney still looks so fit, healthy, and happy these days.