Why Mud Masks May Be More Beneficial Than You Think

The classic skincare item that has graced spas, luxury markets, and even films for decades, mud masks are hallmark products for good reason. These types of masks offer various benefits all in one, so rather than having to use different masks for different needs, mud provides benefits that work to enhance your skin's appearance across the board.

Perhaps the most pervasive advantage of mud-masking comes from its ability to remove impurities. According to NewsWatch, allowing this type of mask to dry on your skin allows it to absorb excess oil and dirt. Since you're clearing out acne-causing substances, you may also enjoy the added benefit of fewer breakouts. One study even found that some of the minerals in mud masks also help to "inhibit" blemish-inducing bacteria, Healthline reports. 

On top of pulling out any debris, the plethora of salts, minerals, and vitamins that mud masks contain can fully absorb into your skin to give it a boost of nutrients, per NewsWatch. As it pulls impurities out from your pores, it also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Leaving behind refreshed and youthful skin, mud masks are a staple that many follow as part of their anti-aging routines, according to the outlet.

Find a mask made with the right kind of mud

When looking for a high-quality mud mask, it's important to remember that not all mud is created equal. The commonly-used Dead Sea mud comes with a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties that can de-puff and soothe skin. On top of these components, this type of mud also comes loaded with magnesium and sodium — helping to "treat everything from psoriasis to arthritis," Healthline notes. Other options include volcanic mud, moor mud, and silica mud, each of which packs a good amount of anti-inflammatory elements that can make a difference for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, look for more gentle options and always spot test to make sure it works for you.

Just start by applying a mask to clean skin and letting it sit anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. When the time is up, rinse gently with warm water and finish with a serum or moisturizer. Make sure to do a thin layer, however; NewsWatch explains that "too much" may "strip your skin and pores of all essential natural oils."

Adding a purifying, detoxifying boost to tired skin, a mud mask can leave your pores feeling refreshed and your face looking brighter.