Here Are The Best Times To Shop And Eat Out If You Want To Avoid Crowds

We all have things to do and people to see. But if you're not partial to waiting in line and you have a phone, you actually have a handy resource that can tell you when the best times are to do mundane things, whether its going for a grocery run, eating out, or grabbing a cup of coffee — and its all thanks to Google Maps. 

While the data isn't exact, and it will depend on the area you live in, Google Maps says the best time to get coffee is on Tuesday at 4 p.m.; the best time to hit the pharmacy is on Monday at 9 a.m.; grocery stores are least busy on Mondays at 8 a.m. and most busy on Saturdays between noon and 3 p.m.; restaurants — like coffee shops —  are least busy on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. and most busy on Fridays at 6 p.m.; and parks are least busy at 7 a.m. on weekdays, and most busy on Saturdays at 4 p.m. (via CNBC).

Google Trends reveal consumer habits in a pandemic-stricken America

Google Maps isn't just about giving you the best time to do things — it also reveals habits that all of us have adapted in this strange, new pandemic world. In a blog post, Google's Chief Holiday Innovation Officer Holly Day says driving continues to be the most popular way of getting around, and catching a ride on public transport is down by more than 50 percent. Cycling is also seen as a viable alternative — interest in getting around in two wheels is up 30 percent when compared to the days before COVID was something we all had to watch out for. People are also not as inclined to ask for directions to places they've never been before, and this is likely due to social distancing. 

There's one more piece of information Google wants to share with us, and it's that interest in cooking at home is dropping, while "takeout" as a search term has spiked 306 percent between March to October 2020. More people are also appear to be consuming Mexican, Chinese, and BBQ, because those are the most-searched cuisines across the country.