The Pantry Staples You Need To Make Your Glassware Spotless

All the scrubbing, rinsing, and washing in the world can still leave certain parts of your glassware dirty. The long water bottles, vases, decanters and jars can be a pain to wash the old-fashioned way. Turns out, a secret cleaning hack may lie in your pantry.

If your brushes and sponges aren't doing the trick, grab some uncooked rice. Using a cup of the grain with a teaspoon of white vinegar and a few drops of dish soap, you could be on your way to a spotless glass, PureWow explains. Simply pour the ingredients into your dish or bottle, along with water to fill it to the top, then cover with your hand and gently swish back and forth. The idea is that the rice will work as a gentle abrasive to remove any old water or liquid stains while the vinegar and soap add to this effect.

According to the outlet, you can do this a few times until your glassware is clean to the degree that you would like. Once it looks clear, rinse your vessel and lay it out to dry.

This remedy works perfectly for vases

No one likes the old-flower smell or the ring that dead plants can leave around the side of your vase. Rice and vinegar can knock these out right away. According to TheKitchn, many bartenders use this trick to clean out old bottles that they need to reuse along with decanters and other glassware items. But, if your bottle or vessel has a smaller mouth, it may make a slight mess as you try to pour your cup of rice into it, the outlet notes.

Upon disposal, you'll have "fizzy rice water" to dispose of, so make sure you have a disposal or place that you can get rid of it with ease — especially if you recently cleaned a few clung-on stains. You may have to clean your sink following this method, the outlet adds, so just prepare for a longer clean up time just in case.

Get rid of those rings once and for all with ingredients readily available in your pantry — no bottle brush or elbow grease required.