This Is How Julia Roberts Tries To Live Like A Normal Person

Julia Roberts is a highly-recognizable Pretty Woman walking down the street — just not in Hollywood, at least most of the time. That's because the famous star bought a 30-acre property in Taos, New Mexico in 2002, according to Taos News, and spends much of her time there with her family. Locals say they see the star at the grocery star. "Around here, I come and go like it's nothing," Roberts told Oprah Winfrey in a 2003 interview (via She added it's not like that in Los Angeles. 


Meanwhile, the mom of three also owns a home in Malibu, not Beverly Hills, according to E! Online. The outlet reports Roberts, who doesn't talk to media about her family often, also keeps details of her marriage fairly private. The star said "I do" to cameraman hubby Danny Moder in 2002 and sure, he's in the film industry, but until he wed Roberts, he wasn't a household name like some of her past romantic partners, including Liam Neeson and Kiefer Sutherland (via Closer Weekly). 

Julia Roberts resisted getting on social media

The Steel Magnolias star didn't join Instagram until 2018 according to W Magazine. Browsing her page, you'll see the star's photos are mostly of herself, and sometimes Moder. For instance, Roberts shared an image of the couple to commemorate their 18th anniversary. But even then, the picture featured a makeup-free Roberts dressed down and casual, not on the red carpet with full hair and makeup.


Indeed, it doesn't seem like the My Best Friend's Wedding actress is interested in sharing her kids with the public, and instead, favors a private, and yes, normal life.

For Julia Roberts, giving her kids a normal life is paramount to fame

Of course, normal is a relative term — consider that according to a 2014 Wall Street Journal article, Roberts had brought in $2.6 million in box office receipts. But, about her Malibu home, the star told the outlet, "We're just grateful for the sense we have of being like any other family down the street. I don't question it, frankly." Roberts takes her own kids to school, and walks her own dogs. See, she's totally normal!


Director Mike Nichols said of Roberts and her children, Hazel, Henry, and Phinneaus, "That's what Julia has been best at, maintaining their real life. It's the little things that tell the tale. When you visit them, there is nobody working at their house, sweeping their hall. There are toys all over, and it's just Julia and Danny and the kids. She always slips away from the center."