Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Too Much Hairspray

It's windy outside and you just got the perfect blow out — it's only natural that you apply extra hairspray to keep your style intact. Many of us struggle to find the fine line between too much product and too little, leaving your hair either stiff straight or falling out after an hour. But, it may be better to err on the side of too little, since using too much hairspray can cause more damage than you likely realize.

Marshall Lin, a celebrity hairstylist in New York City explains to Total Beauty, "Using too much hairspray will create product build up and weight for your hairstyle and limit its flexibility. To make your blowout last you have to start with a clean scalp, use good styling products, and create some extra tension when blow drying."

Build up is never a term you want to hear when it comes to your hair. He recommends using a dry shampoo once you've styled, then topping with a dusting of light-weight hairspray. Another reason to opt for a flexible-hold option? The heaviness of hair spray can actually make your hair go limp, according to StyleCaster.

Be gentle with hair that has hairspray in it

With a strong hold and added build up, hairspray can make your strands extremely stiff and locked in place. When you take a brush to these strands, it makes them more susceptible to breakage and snapping off, StyleCaster explains. With shorter, broken-off strands, you'll likely need to use even more hairspray to hold them down! So, when you've sprayed your strands in place, do your best to avoid brushing out your style, and if you absolutely have to, make sure to brush gently with soft bristles.

Plus, if you're using hairspray before you style, you could be causing more damage than you know. Evo's international creative director Lauren McCowan, explains, "One of the major mistakes that women make when using hot tools is to spray the section with hairspray before putting the hot tool on it," she said to Redbook. "Hairspray contains alcohol, and when you apply heat over a layer of hairspray, it dries the hair out even more and can create static as well as causing your curls to drop." Since this product contains high amounts of alcohol, it can dry out your strands and give you a less-than-healthy dose of chemicals, too.

To combat these issues, find a light-weight hairspray option that you feel comfortable using!