The Untold Truth Of Robert Pattinson's Sister, Lizzy

From wizard to sparkly vampire to superhero, Robert Pattinson has certainly run the gamut on his rise to superstardom, but as it turns out, the baby of the Pattinson family isn't the only sibling to see his name in lights. Big sister Lizzy is a talented musician and voice over actor, and as die-hard twi-hards probably know, she is a credited vocalist on the Twilight and Breaking Dawn: Part 1 soundtracks, as well.

If you're thinking the elder Pattinson took a ride on her brother's coattails to launch her career, think again. In 2002, at just 18-years-old, Lizzy Pattinson sang vocals for dance band Aurora with "Dreaming." She also had a #1 Billboard Dance Club Hit a year later as the lead vocalist on German EDM band, Milk & Sugar's "Let the Sun Shine," five years before RPatz hit it big as teen heartthrob Edward Cullen.

And just six years ago, she made quite a showing on the 11th season of X Factor UK without telling anyone on the show who she is. An insider told Mirror, the 37-year-old songstress, "didn't mention she was related to him [Rob] to any judges or producers," explaining, "It's important to her she does not fall into the trap of just becoming 'Rob's sister.'"

Robert Pattinson and Lizzy Pattinson are very supportive of each other's careers

The Pattinsons are clearly a tight knit family, and siblings Robert and Lizzy with only three years between them are thick as thieves. Before her elimination from the popular singing competition, her big brother gushed to E! about her success stating, "I'm just amazed that she's doing it."

In similar Pattinson fashion, big sister Lizzy Pattinson proudly told Absolute Radio, "Rob's not really scared of anything... I can learn a lot from him, because he's not afraid of anything and he's very confident in himself... he inspires me quite a lot, actually."

Talent certainly runs in the family, and it's especially wonderful when siblings can support and even help each other succeed on their own merit, as is clearly the case with Lizzy and Robert Pattinson. Keep your eyes and ears out for these two — who knows when the brother and sister will collab on a movie and soundtrack again!