Inside Sadie Robertson's Gorgeous Family Home

It's only natural that Sadie Robertson has a gorgeous home. You probably recognize the star from the A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" – you know: the show with all the big, burly beards and a lot of duck hunting. After all, at one point in time, "Duck Dynasty" was the biggest cable-reality program ever, according to Rolling Stone

But the American reality star has accomplished a lot more with her life since "Duck Dynasty" ended. Robertson tied the knot with her husband, Christian Huff, in 2019, and welcomed her first baby, daughter Honey, in May 2021. The New York Times best-selling author and public speaker is building her precious family at home surrounded by her loved ones. "People are like, 'Where do you live?' And, I'm like, I don't even know because home is wherever my husband is right now, because home is everywhere," she told Fox News of their crazy lives together. 

But while home is wherever Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff are together, the happy couple spend time at her family's gorgeous mansion, a special place where she already has roots. Read on to see inside Sadie Robertson's gorgeous family home.

The Robertson family mansion is in West Monroe, Louisiana

Sadie Robertson's gorgeous mansion is situated in West Monroe, Louisiana, according to a home tour she did for Today. West Monroe is nestled along the banks of the Ouachita River and Bayou Desiard in the middle of breathtaking nature. In other words, the area is home to a lot of wildlife ... like ducks, for which Sadie's family became very famous. If you don't recall, Robertson's grandfather, Phil Robertson, hit the big time when he came out with a better duck call device than any other product that was on the market. The duck caller landed him millions of dollars and a reality show that followed him and his bandana-wearing family for an impressive 11 seasons.

It was on "Duck Dynasty" where you probably saw the hunting family's mansion before. While on the program, they spent a lot of family time together in the house cooking up duck dinners with dad's latest hunts. And while Sadie doesn't live here full-time with her husband, the family dwelling is the place she'll always consider home. It's where her room remains, after all!

The house is her 'favorite place in the world'

Sadie Robertson told viewers in a home tour for "Today" that her gorgeous home is her "favorite place in the world." She also said her house is the "most special place" to her, and gave viewers an inside look at what makes the house a home for her and her family. The sprawling abode holds a lot of memories, after all — many of which viewers around the country got to witness. 

Family plays an important role in Robertson's life, but she never thought that millions of people would fall so in love with their dynamics that they'd have a camera crew in that house. "We would have never thought we would have a TV show in the first place," Robertson told Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of doing another series. "Everything's changed though. Now I'm married, John Luke and Mary-Kate have a baby — we grew three family members this year." She added that if they did indeed film another show, it would be much different this time around.

We just hope that, if they do it again, the growing family sticks around in this special home.

Sadie Robertson's mother did all of the design work

Sadie Robertson's mother, Korie Robertson, did all of the design work in the gorgeous West Monroe, Louisiana mansion, according to her home tour for "Today." "My home is ... the most peaceful, beautiful home," she said. "I've gotta say, my mom did an amazing job with all the design work of it."

The massive stone house opens up to beautiful hardwood floors adorned with intricate rugs. The off-white walls are far from empty, too; there are tons of hunting items, tapestries, and picture frames hung throughout the house. There's even a painting of Robertson from her "Dancing with the Stars" days hung up in the upstairs hallway, and an inspirational quote on the bathroom wall. Needless to say, the house definitely has a feminine touch from a mother who knows what she's doing when it comes to interior design. We are surprised that there aren't more ducks in the large dwelling, though.

The living room is the most comfortable room in the Robertson house

The living room in Sadie Robertson's gorgeous family home looks like a fabulous place to hang out, replete with fur rugs and plentiful throw pillows. The wooden beams, hardwood floors, and plants really give the space character, too. Naturally, the room has some seriously Southern charm. 

Additionally, the living room is the comfiest room in the house, as Robertson told viewers in a home tour for "Today." The wrap-around living room couch itself is "everything," she said. The couch is so big, in fact, it fits the whole "Duck Dynasty" family. It's also where she and her family gather to play games, watch TV, and create a lot of her favorite family memories. 

After all, it's that coveted time with loved ones that Robertson cherishes the most. "There's a lot of beautiful things in the world," she told Entertainment Tonight. "There's a lot of attractive things in the world, but I am captivated by God. I am captivated by faith. I am captivated by my family, by my husband." And that's exactly why Robertson doesn't need anything else, as she already has everything she needs.

Sadie Robertson's gorgeous family home has a very open floor plan

The Robertsons' house, as Sadie Robertson shared in her home tour for "Today," has a floor plan that makes it quite the inviting space. "I just love how open the house is," she told viewers, as she pointed to the dining room table that sits just past the living room. "You see everything. You see everyone." Of course, such an open house creates space for naturally open people — a family who was totally candid on reality TV.

When asked why she thought viewers really took to her family during "Duck Dynasty," Robertson told Fox News that her family always sticks together — and that's a beautiful thing. "I think it's just family," she revealed. "It's just family, and it's loving each other, and I think the thing is, we didn't try to create drama that wasn't there."

As Robertson explained, her family's drama, when it occurred, was the real deal. "But, at the end of the day, every single time, we were holding hands and praying, and I think people want to see [that]," she added.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

If there's one place where families can truly come together, it's certainly the kitchen. And this absolutely rings true for Sadie Robertson's meat-loving family. She told viewers in a home tour of her family's gorgeous mansion for "Today" that she thinks the kitchen table is the "heart of the home." 

After all, the kitchen is where everyone gathers together for "some of the best conversations and just the sweetest times," Robertson revealed. "The Robertson family — and even my dad's family and my mom's family — really comes [together] around dinner time." Robertson also shared that the times they all sat around the table praying together on "Duck Dynasty" reflected a regional custom. "It's kind of a Southern thing for sure."

Saying grace before eating their home-cooked meals wasn't just a gimmick for reality television, Robertson added — that's just what they always do as a family. And, because her dad is an "amazing cook," they love doing it even more.

Sadie Robertson's bedroom has a door to her sister's bedroom

Sadie Robertson has five siblings, which makes the "dynasty" quite the dynamic family. And she and her sisters have always been super close, as America got to see on "Duck Dynasty." Sadie still shares clothes with her sister, Bella Robertson, with whom she also shared a room for most of her life. Now, the sisters have their own separate bedrooms, but there's still a door connecting their rooms, which Sadie showed viewers of her home tour on "Today." 

Now, Sadie and Bella can keep the door open to each other whenever they want and have their privacy when it's required. "I love my bedroom here, it's so sweet," Sadie gushed, adding that her mother gave her and her sister a huge say in personalizing their rooms. Additionally, Sadie's bedroom is complete with a comfy (and furry) big bed, a lounge chair, a gorgeous wooden chest, and a desk with the word "kind" framed over it. "That's something my mom always prayed over us — that we would be strong and we would be kind," she added.

The bathroom is one of Sadie Robertson's favorite parts of the house

Weirdly enough, the black, white, and red bathroom is one of Sadie Robertson's favorite places in the home, she admitted in her home tour of the gorgeous mansion for "Today." "I know it's kind of funny to say that the bathroom is one of your favorite parts of the house, but I love this bathroom — I think it's so fun," she revealed. "I think my mom did a really great job." Honestly, it's not without its charm!

Robertson especially loves the "awesome bathtub" in the bathroom, which sits between a super cool black chalkboard wall and a white wall with an inspirational quote framed above the tub. The quote, which talks about doing what only you can do in the world, are words that Robertson tries to live by — so she thinks it's only fitting to have it framed in the beautifully tiled marble bathroom.

The office is a quiet, productive space to work on her books

The office is one of Sadie Robertson's favorite places. The reason? It's where she gets to buckle down on what's important to her without any distractions. "Our office space is awesome because we do have a lot of people in this house; people are running around all the time," she explained in a home tour video for "Today." "The office is kind of like another part of the house [where] nobody else is so, when you go in there, you can really work and kind of get away."

Inside the office is where Robertson keeps copies of, and likely wrote, her book, "Live: Remain Alive, Be Alive at a Specified Time, Have an Exciting or Fulfilling Life." "It's all about life, and about life being valuable and meaningful and purposeful," she told the Hallmark Channel. "It's just a whole breath of fresh air and a lot of truth packed into these words."

There are bible scriptures etched in the floors

Sadie Robertson's family are Christians who are very committed to their faith. Additionally, Sadie told Fox News that her faith actually helped guide her through her fame. "It's definitely been a huge, huge source of hope for me," she shared. "We have hope that God is still with us here, to give us strength, to give us joy, to give us peace, to make us feel loved in the midst of a time where the world is really throwing things at you."

Sadie's mother, Korie Robertson, made sure that God's words are at the forefront of everything the Robertsons do as a family. In fact, they're etched into the floorboards of the family's home office. "At the foundation of everything my family does is our faith," Korie said in a video touring her home for "Today." "And, literally, the foundation of this floor has that incorporated. My mom actually put scriptures on the floor from each of the kids ... It's really cool that these scriptures and these words are literally imprinted in the ground that we're working from."

Sadie Robertson got married on the tennis court of her family home

Sadie Robertson tied the knot with her husband, Christian Huff, at her family's home in West Monroe, Louisiana. Everything about their wedding day felt like "a touch of heaven," she wrote in an Instagram post, sharing her wedding video. 

Because Robertson and her husband both love tennis so much, they decided to get married on the tennis court in the yard of her family's gorgeous home, according to her house tour for "Today." The tennis court is where "it all goes down," she said. And that couldn't be more true for the happy couple. "Being a wife is so fun," Robertson told Entertainment Tonight. "It's honestly just fun to have a person [to] wake up, go to sleep, do life together, share the stories together." She added that being married has made everything more fun, and that sharing life together makes things less overwhelming. 

Given how much Robertson loves both her home and tennis, we couldn't imagine a more perfect locale for her big day.

Sadie Robertson and her husband stay active in their gorgeous home

Sadie Robertson told "Today" that her mother knew she'd found the one when she learned that her now-husband, Christian Huff, also played tennis and generally lives a very active lifestyle. It's not surprising, then, that the pair often work out and play sports together in their gorgeous family home. 

Additionally, during the 2020 quarantine, Robertson and Huff made sure to get plenty of exercise, despite having to stay at home like everyone else. On Robertson's YouTube channel, she shared a video of the two of them making use of the huge house to work out and keep in shape together. "We're just having fun, and we're just trying to be better versions of ourselves," she explained in the video, after their sweaty couple's workout. After all, they were exercising all over the house — from the tennis court out back to the at-home gym inside.

The yard looks out to her siblings' homes

The property's yard looks out to other family homes, too. Sadie Robertson told viewers of her home tour for "Today" that her sister's house is right out back, along with her brother's house around the corner. And, if you keep walking, you'll run into her grandmother's house, too — and then her great-grandma's house just past that!

Clearly the Robertsons all live close enough to each other that they could practically yell out their windows instead of calling or texting. "It's very open and, on a sunny day like this, it's absolutely beautiful," Robertson said of the expansive green property. "I love this backyard, and it's really fun because my whole family lives around here."

Because the family all lives in the neighborhood, Robertson said that it's nice to have so much connected green space to walk around in and spend time with each other.