The Real Meaning Of Jinger Duggar's New Baby's Name

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The newest Duggar baby is here! Jinger Duggar announced that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, welcomed their daughter in an Instagram post shared on November 25. "Evangeline Jo Vuolo has arrived!" she wrote. "We are so thankful to God for this precious little angel!"

A TLCme blog post revealed that baby Evangeline was born on November 22 at 11:26 p.m. and that she weighed 7 pounds and measured 20 inches at birth. Evangeline is the second baby in the Duggar-Vuolo household and joins older sister Felicity.

The Counting On star explained to the blog where she and Jeremy came up with the idea for their new baby's name. "Evangeline means 'good news' and Jo is after Jeremy's middle name, Joseph," she said. "As for Felicity, she is in love with her little sister but has no idea how much sharing is in her future. We are so grateful to God for this beautiful gift!"

Jinger Duggar picked names with powerful meanings for her new baby

As noted by Behind the Name, Evangeline also has literary roots. The name was famously used by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the 1847 poem Evangeline.

The name Jo also has a literary connection, as it's the name of one of the central characters in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Per Behind the Name, Joseph, the name Jinger and Jeremy got their baby's middle name from, can trace itself back to the Hebrew name Yosef which means "he will add." Evangeline will no doubt add plenty of joy to the family.

It's not surprising that Jinger and Jeremy picked a name so packed with meaning for their little one. Their older daughter, Felicity, also has a name with quite the meaning behind it. According to Behind the Name, Felicity means "happiness" and ultimately comes from the Latin word felicitas which means "good luck."