The Truth About Kate Spade's Famous Family Members

Kate Spade tragically died by suicide in 2018 (via CNN). But the treasured designer's legacy lives on in her iconic bags, shoes, and fashion — as well as through her famous relatives. That's right — what some people may not know is that Spade, born Katherine Noel Brosnahan in Kansas City, Missouri according to Biography, was related to not one, but two very well-known celebrities.

If the name Brosnahan sounds familiar, you might be thinking about actress Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fame. Yes, the award-winning star is actually Kate Spade's niece (via Harper's Bazaar). Brosnahan appeared in an ad campaign honoring her late aunt, telling Today, "When you lose someone you love very, very much, you spend a lot of time trying to think about how to keep their spirit alive... There is so much of her left behind and this was an opportunity for us to celebrate her life and her legacy."

Brosnahan, who was said to be very close with Spade, also shared with People about finding meaning after her aunt's death, "In the wake of Katy's passing, my family and I were so overwhelmed and encouraged by the love and support we received from those who were touched by Katy's work, many of whom were strangers from around the world."

Kate Spade had another famous relative in addition to Rachel Brosnahan

We know what you are thinking — the name Spade sounds familiar as well. Indeed, the designer married Andy Spade, the older brother of actor David Spade, and was wed to him for 24 years (via Town & Country). Andy would become the handbag maven's business partner as well.

Upon Kate's passing, her comedian brother-in-law told Good Morning America the family was doing "as good as we can" (via USA Today). The Tommy Boy star added, "It's been very tough, obviously. She really made an impact."

Spade also shared a cute story about his sister-in-law, whom he called a "beautiful, lovely, great spirit that obviously will be missed," saying, "It's funny 'cause every girl I was with, or anyone that knew they would see Katie, would dress differently. They would bring their A-game. It was very sweet."

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