The Downsides To Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you're shopping for noise-canceling headphones, you should know that they come with a few drawbacks. First of all, noise-canceling technology obviously comes with a higher sticker price. So if you're looking to keep your purchase cheap, you should keep in mind that it may be tough to find a high-quality pair without breaking the bank, Make Tech Easier noted. These headphones are designed to meet the noise around you with opposing sound waves and cancel it out as needed, making the technology that much more advanced and thus, more expensive.

Since a lot is involved in this process, the outlet explained that you may need to charge them more frequently than you would for your other wireless options. Furthermore, one of the most striking facts to know about this technology is that it may distort the sound of your music. The site explained that the sound waves that cancel outside noise are responsible for this reduced audio quality. 

Noise-canceling headphones may hurt your ears

As more and more consumers are opting for modern noise-canceling headphones to listen to music, more and more people have likewise noted discomfort. Since these headphones use sound waves to block out opposing sounds, those waves can cause discomfort after a while, with people complaining of head and inner ear pain (via HowtoGeek). This anti-noise wave travels into your ears throughout this process and may involve irritation. Some people get used to this feeling, while others just aren't "built" for this kind of technology.

For those concerned about EMF (electromagnetic fields), know that noise-canceling technology is no cause for alarm. Dr. Weil explained that the accessory doesn't emit EMF radiation, and even goes on to suggest that the noise-canceling abilities can have health benefits in the long run. The site explained that loud noises and constant background sounds can lead to various ailments, so having this technology available to you may be helpful in more ways than one.

However, it's also worth noting that walking outside with this type of electronic accessory can be dangerous. While they don't cancel out every noise, these headphones are able to quiet large sounds, like approaching traffic. Nevertheless, depending on your needs and lifestyle, noise-canceling headphones may be a godsend. Just do your research and see if they're right for you.