The Smart Way To Break In New Heels

You've been stalking the same pair of shoes online for weeks and picturing a million outfits that would look perfect. But every time you add those heels to your cart, you second guess whether they're actually true to size and hit delete minutes later. Online shopping makes buying new shoes feel like a game of chance. Those trendy heels may look like they'll fit, but sometimes your bruised feet will tell a different story after wearing them for hours.

The right pair of heels can up your confidence and swagger and make you feel like a different person entirely, which is just one of the reasons why it's so hard to part with our favorite shoes even if they're a little tight around the toes. But if you regularly wear heels that are too high or tight, they can alter your body's natural alignment (via Insider).

There's a cool trick that will break in your new heels and let you shop to your heart's content, without having to deal with figuring out return shipping.

All you need are a pair of thick socks, a blow dryer, and patience

The first step is to throw on a pair of thick socks, and then slip on your new heels. Next, use your blow dryer to heat up your heels for a few minutes before walking around in your shoes so they stretch out. Voilà! Say goodbye to blisters forever. This trick isn't limited to heels and also works on other types of shoes, but it's important to be gentle with the blow dryer since certain materials may respond differently to the heat. (via PureWow). 

If you're unsure what material your shoes are made of, and are nervous about whether they can handle the heat, try this alternative, no-heat method. Place a zip lock bag filled with water inside your shoes, and put them in the freezer. As the water freezes, it will stretch your shoes with it. Take them out of the freezer, and you're all set (via Bustle). Now you can go out in your comfy shoes and be great!