What It Means When You Dream About Someone Cutting Your Hair

In the waking world, going for a haircut can be a refreshing and uplifting experience that gives us a boost of confidence, a feeling of positive change, and maybe even a fun and adventurous way to drastically change our appearance. But what does it mean if you dream about your hair being cut? As with most dream imagery, the answer isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, as many factors determine what this dreamworld experience is trying to tell you. How you're feeling in the dream, whose hair is being cut, who is doing the cutting, and the situation in which the hair is being cut all contribute to the underlying meaning, as do occurrences and feelings you're going through in your waking life.

But one thing is generally agreed upon by dream experts: Hair is representative of our outer image, our beauty, our femininity, and, according to many experts, our power, so this dream generally carries more weight than a simple trim-and-color might in the real world.

What haircut dreams are trying to tell you

If you dream of going into the salon for a haircut, and in the dream your hair looks healthy and lovely and you are enjoying the experience, it is likely that the dream is an indicator that you are in a phase of positive change in your life, cutting off the "dead ends" so that something new and beautiful can grow in its place. Much like it is in real life, this type of dreamworld haircut can be a refreshing and optimistic sign (via DreamDictionary.org). 

If, however, you dream of someone cutting your hair off in a manner that feels threatening, hurtful, or against your will, or if you really hate the haircut and are feeling upset and regretful in your dream, this could represent feelings of being robbed of your power by either another person (do you know the person cutting your hair?) or by a situation you are experiencing in your life (via All Things Hair UK). Similarly, if you dream of cutting off someone else's hair (and you are not a hairstylist having a happy day's work), it could suggest you have a major bone to pick with someone.