The Latest Eliminations On The Voice Have Fans Seeing Red

Some major drama went down on this week's episode of The Voice, and fans have something to say about it. 

On Tuesday night, the show cut ties with not just one or two contestants, but eight, knocking the amount of people participating from 17 to 9. Unsurprisingly, many fans were up in arms about the rash cutsas the Live Playoffs typically send off multiple contestants, but never to this extreme. The only other time the contestant pool dropped so dramatically was last season when production was shut down over COVID-19 concerns (via Yahoo). 

Viewers of the popular program seemed to be not only upset about the amount of contestants eliminated, but the kind of people who stayed. Many made the observation that it was country stars who stuck around, leaving other musical styles unrepresented.

Throughout the episode on Tuesday, country singers such as Tanner Gomes and Ben Allen received consistent praise from judges while other singers in the pop, alternative, and folk categories were tossed aside. After her team performed, Gwen Stefani decided to save Allen over Payge Turner, an alternative performer. "Oh my god, this is so hard!" she said, after saving Allen (via Decider). "I swear, I'm just playing a game."

Fans believe The Voice judges are too focused on country

Allen wasn't the only country singer who was spared elimination. Later in the show, viewers voted to salvage one of John Legend's contestants who was also a country singer, Bailey Rae, causing fans at home to be up in arms about the choice. "I love country but that girl is the weakest country singer on the show," said one fan on Twitter.

"The Voice demographic with their obsession on (white male) mediocre country singers is ruining the show for everyone," tweeted one viewer. "I can't believe Gwen made the choice she did," wrote another. "Gwen you made a huge mistake."

"I have a love hate relationship with #TheVoice. The dope artists never make it through and for some reason country artists always do well. Who the heck is voting?" wrote one Twitter user, sharing their contempt. 

"This may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like the country artists always stay around and win on the voice and the ones that are really talented and also black/poc tend not to. It irritates me. #TheVoice," wrote another user, revealing similar sentiments.