Brittany Banks Makes It Clear Why She Won't Return To 90 Day Fiance

Nobody watches reality romance shows expecting to see sunshine and roses all the way. There has to be at least some drama to make the storyline more interesting; Romeo and Juliet would have been about 15 minutes long if the Montagues and Capulets had said, "You're in love? Mazel tov! Let's pick out your china pattern." In the case of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the whole concept is based on potential conflicts, and this season included a real doozy.  

One of the most talked-about couples on TOW's second season was Brittany Banks, who uprooted her life to move to Jordan with her fiancé, Yazan Abu Hurira. The couple quickly encountered trouble: Yazan's parents disapproved of Brittany's reluctance to have a quick wedding (turns out, she was still legally married), and Yazan seemed insistent that she convert to Islam. Then their very safety was put at risk when Yazan's father threw him out of the home, fired him from the family business, and announced that the sheiks of their tribe would decide whether the couple could marry; if not, then Yazan faced being disowned or even killed (per ET).

The season ended with Brittany going back to the United States to apply for a K-1 visa for her fiancé, which would allow Yazan to come overseas to marry her. Yet, as InTouch reported, as InTouch reported, Brittany admitted that she wasn't sure this was "the right relationship" for either of them. Fans hoping to see the story continue next season, however, may be disappointed.

Brittany Banks is burning bridges with 90 Day Fiance

Shortly after the second season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brittany Banks posted a now-deleted Instagram thread, trashing how her story was edited to allegedly make her seem like a villain. "Now that the season is over, I would like to say every person on The Other Way production and editing team you're all garbage a** humans. Enjoy," she wrote (per InTouch). "To my exes and ex-friends I used to know: you're also complete clout chasing garbage. I hope the 15 [minutes] of fame was worth being disloyal." The thread went on to say that she has major "trust issues" as a result, ending with a cryptic all-caps cry: "SAVE ME."

It seems the couple's backstory may also be more complicated than TLC would have us believe. According to Screen Rant, Brittany later shared other since-deleted remarks about fiancé Yazan Abu Hurira's sister, who introduced them. She claimed they met "when my family saved her from an abusive ex that married her and brought her to the US when she was like 14. That's how I met him! Through her." If true, this implies that Yazan's family knew about Brittany long before she came to Jordan. 

Is Brittany really done for good with TOW? Are there more secrets to be revealed? Will Yazan get his visa and marry her in the US? Stay tuned — this story is far from over. (Remember, even Romeo and Juliet had more than one act.)