The Unexpected Thing Kylie Jenner Collected As A Kid

Kylie Jenner has practically grown up before our very eyes. The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood was just ten years old when she made her reality TV debut on the E! network's Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Having a front-row seat to Kylie's formative years has made quite a few fans feel like they know her really well. We all know how she turned her biggest insecurity into her biggest payday, how she became a mom at 20, and how she fell out with her best friend.

Despite seeing all of that play out, we still don't know everything about Kylie Jenner. Now 23, Kylie has found a way to strike a balance between sharing her life with fans while also guarding her privacy. Every once in a while, she'll share something that her fans didn't know about her. Take this surprising childhood hobby of hers as an example.

Kylie loved collecting rubber ducks as a kid

Kids pride themselves on the hobbies they pick up. Many of them like to collect small trinkets, like rocks or beads. They also have a revolving door of favorite animals. At one point, Kylie was really into frogs. "I was obsessed," she admitted to Wonderland Magazine. But when it came to collecting, she was all about the rubber ducks. "I loved rubber ducks — I still have them," she shared. "Every kind of rubber duck you've ever seen in your life. Every birthday all I ever wanted was rubber ducks. It was so weird."

It looks like Kylie's mini-me may have picked up her mom's love for rubber duckies. When Kylie shared some scenes from Stormi's playroom in November 2019, Elite Daily spotted a rubber duck among Stormi's many toys. Like mother, like daughter! In October 2020, a fan even tweeted at Kylie, asking if she still had the collection, which she once showcased on Keek years ago. "Please tell me you still have your rubber duck collection and you'll give [it] to Stormi," they asked, with a screenshot from that video.