Kitchen Areas You're Probably Forgetting To Clean

We've all been there — scrubbing everything in sight, only to find a spot that you missed. Fortunately, there's a way to have even the overlooked spots in your kitchen looking sparkling-clean. Especially as you spend more time in your home, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that small germ-ridden places are now free from bacteria.

PureWow recommends starting by removing everything from countertops and surfaces. Jennie Varney, brand manager for Molly Maid, says, "Pick up everything that doesn't belong in the kitchen and place it in a laundry basket. When you're finished in the kitchen, return those items to their rightful homes. Pull the trash can over and toss any garbage sitting on the counter or stools." Then, disinfect any long-standing objects like jars, sugar holders, and other kitchen items that may be accumulating dust and grime. Once you've rinsed all of these, then you can wipe down your countertops. 

Another one of the most overlooked places to disinfect, the "toe kick," may need your special attention. A little-known moniker that describes the space between your lower cabinets and the floor, toe kicks are magnets to crumbs and all types of debris that vacuums can miss, PureWow explains. To fully cleanse, you'll need to do it the old-fashioned way. Grab a disinfecting wipe and drop to all fours, cleaning any areas that your other cleaning agents may have missed. Trust us, clean toe kicks will make your entire kitchen look refreshed.

Small items in your kitchen likely need your attention

Basic things in your kitchen can get overlooked in place of more daunting items like the floor, the countertops, and the fridge. But, don't forget to disinfect your light switches and handles! The Kitchn notes that light switches are often the dirtiest spots in your space since it's unlikely you clean them on a regular basis. The outlet suggests running over them with a disinfecting wipe or white vinegar spray as often as you remember.

Unfortunately, your garbage can also works as a hotbed for bacteria as well. Just because the waste basket serves as a spot for leftovers, clutter, and other items doesn't mean that the whole spot in your home should go uncleaned. If you don't clean your garbage can, mildew, mold, and bacteria can grow with ease. To clean it, either take your vessel outside to hose down with soap and water or have at it with a scrubbing brush and warm water, The Kitchn recommends. If you're pressed for time, just add warm water to the basin with soap and swirl it around. Rinse the water outside.

Lastly, clean your hardware and handles. The outlet explains that these can be germ magnets with dirt and grease building up over time. Clean them off while you're wiping down other small objects in your space.

A sparkly kitchen is just a few wipes away when you pay attention to the small details!