The Seahorse's Elimination Has Masked Singer Fans Seeing Red

Heading into the finals on season 4 of The Masked Singer, fan favorite Seahorse was voted off in what Entertainment Weekly calls one of the show's most shocking eliminations ever. While the entire audience was beyond upset at seeing her go, the one bright spot was, in best Masked Singer tradition, the unmasking when we finally got to see the owner of those amazing pipes. As judges Nicole "Sherlock" Scherzinger and Robin Thicke guessed (via People), the face behind all those sequins was that of two-time Grammy winner Tori Kelly.

Kelly herself wasn't all that disappointed not to go on to the final round, telling EW that she'd had such a fun experience throughout the entire event and really enjoyed getting to show off a different side of herself — discovering her "inner diva," as one of her clues revealed. She even admitted that taking off the mask was a thrill for her, too, saying: "I think there is a little part of me too, right when they said I was going home, I was like, oh, okay, cool. I get to show people that it's me." For her fans, though, it was a different story.

Seahorse fans still can't believe it

While they were thrilled to see Kelly's smiling face, her numerous fans (which is to say, everybody who tuned in for even a single one of her performances) were extremely unwilling to say sayonara to Seahorse. A quick check of the world's public opinion forum, which is to say Twitter, reveals such comments as "I can't believe they sending my girl Tori Kelly home" and "We are over here STEAMING" (complete with a GIF of Anger from Inside Out).

Yet another Twitter user commented, "They really booting the women off tonight," noting the fact that of the final six competitors, all three to leave the show last night were women (Kelly; Popcorn, who turned out to be '80s star Taylor Dayne; and Jellyfish, who was Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim), while two of the remaining three – Crocodile and Mushroom – are men, leaving Sun as the sole female voice. Still other tweets voiced suspicions that "#SeahorseMask was robbed" and "This season is rigged!" Kelly herself had the final word on the subject, however, saying, "i'm gonna miss being the seahorse but let's be honest... she's a part of me now." So it's not goodbye, really, but more of a "sea you later, 'gator!" (In a while, Crocodile?)