The Heartbreaking Death Of Today Contributor Bobbie Thomas' Husband

Today show contributor Bobbie Thomas, best known for her style tips, shared heartbreaking news with her followers on Instagram over the weekend (via Distractify). The makeup guru's husband, Michael Marion, sadly passed away after a long battle (via USA Today). The 42-year-old suffered an ischemic stroke two years ago — according to the American Stroke Association, this is when an artery leading to the brain becomes clogged, and accounts for 87 percent of all strokes.

"Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again. For me, it won't. My husband is gone," Thomas shared in a raw and deeply sad post, adding, "With all the fear, anger, and division going on in the world right now, it's so easy to get upset about the lack of normalcy. But I beg you, everyone reading this, hold onto what you do have right now instead of focusing on what you don't."

Thomas and Marion were married in 2013 and share a 5-year-old son named Miles.

Bobbie Thomas shares an important message amid her grief

A year after Marion suffered the stroke, Thomas said she was focused on "every little victory" and indicated to Today he was improving. She added, "It's kind of amazing. If a year ago you told me what I was going to be dealing with a year out, it would've been too overwhelming. I think that focusing day by day on what was in front of us, it's amazing because now we feel so fortunate." She also said she felt the bond she had with Marion following his health struggles was "unbreakable."

After announcing her brave partner had passed away, Thomas continued her Instagram post, writing, "One thing we all have is kindness. Absorb it, extend it, exhaust it. Because in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is love. If you're lucky enough to have it, please appreciate it, every moment, every day. Especially during the hard parts."

It's with heavy hearts we share the rest of her post: "There will never be enough time and some of our forevers are much too short. As I type through tears, I embrace gratitude ... holding our precious son Miles and memories, of the time I did have with Michael, closer to my broken heart. Thank you all for the love and support you've shown us and our families. Please go hug the people you love."