The Bizarre Role Mario Lopez Is Playing On Lifetime

You most likely know Mario Lopez as the beloved Saved By The Bell character A.C. Slater, or perhaps you recognize him his recurring role on Nip/Tuck, or, if you're as big a Golden Girls fan as we are, perhaps you even know him from the rather obscure role as Dorothy's gifted student, Mario (via IMDb). His smile has always been charming and his flare for comedy has kept him working for decades now. And while his latest role continues in the comedic vein, it's... rather unexpected, as is, frankly, the entire project. Lifetime, the network famous for its so-bad-it's-good made-for-TV movies usually centered around some sort of betrayal (the movies may as well always be entitled Men Are Pond Scum), is about to debut another original mini-movie, but this one is somewhat different than usual.

The film, entitled, enticingly, A Recipe For Seduction, stars Lopez as the leading man. The name of the leading man? None other than Colonel Harland Sanders. Yes, the KFC guy. Really. (via

The Project has a hilarious plot

A Recipe for Seduction is a 15 minute short movie that is, in reality, what the ad industry calls a "branded content collaboration" from Lifetime, KFC, and the restaurant chain's ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland (per AdWeek). The mini-movie will debut on Lifetime this Sunday, Dec. 13, at noon. The plot is an intentional nod to Lifetime's always-melodramatic plots, and focuses on a young heiress who, rather than accepting the suitor her scheming mother has chosen for her, falls in love with a still-unknown Colonel Sanders, a chef who is just starting out with a dream and a secret: a fried chicken recipe. 

We wish we were kidding, but we're not. Actually, we don't even wish we were kidding. We know where we'll be Sunday at noon. Right in front of the TV with some popcorn. Who doesn't have fifteen minutes to spare for such cinematic genius?