Courteney Cox Reveals The 'Gross Truth' Of This Iconic Friends Scene

The sitcom Friends was filled with plenty of memorable moments, but one of the most unforgettable is the episode in which Monica puts a turkey on her head, topping it off with giant sunglasses and a fez. She then proceeds to dance in front of Chandler, who says that he loves her for the first time.


It's a hilarious scene that lives on decades later in the memories of Friends fans and GIFs of Monica's dance. The moment is an important one in television history and actress Courteney Cox, who played Monica on the beloved sitcom, knows it.

The actress took to Instagram on Thanksgiving to recreate the iconic scene. "Happy Thanksgiving," she wrote in the caption of the video in which she danced with a sunglasses-wearing turkey on her head. While the fez was missing from the reenactment, the video was still well-received by fans who were delighted to see Cox get back in character.

Putting on a turkey on your head is not as easy as it looks

Several days later, Cox posted another video on Instagram showing what she called "the (gross) truth" of creating the scene. If the thought of putting a raw turkey over your head grosses you out, you're not alone. Cox showed how she loosely wrapped her head in plastic to protect her face and her hair from the turkey.


None of this is particularly comfortable."Wait, it really hurts," Cox can be heard saying in the behind-the-scenes video as someone helps her adjust the turkey to sit more comfortably over her head. "So disgusting... this hurts like a m***********!" By the end of the video, Cox seems thrilled to get the turkey off her head, saying, "Hold on! I can't breathe!" while laughing.

As iconic as the scene may be, it's probably one that you don't recreate at home. If you're still tempted to brave putting a raw turkey on your head, make sure you have someone to assist you nearby.