Inside 90 Day Fiance's Mike And Natalie's Relationship

The eighth season of 90 Day Fiancé looks set to be the most explosive yet, with the first trailer showcasing all the drama that's set to go down when several couples return alongside some new faces. Although Tarik is dealing with the fact his girlfriend, Hazel, has just come out as bisexual and wants to add a third, female component to their relationship, and Rebecca is concerned her fiancé Zied's insistence on getting married ASAP means he's not really with her for the right reasons, none of them can compete with Mike and Natalie.

The Washington native and his Ukrainian paramour have already had a tough time, from Mike being reluctant to have children to their differences in religious beliefs (Natalie believes in God, Mike believes in aliens) and even accusations of infidelity after Mike spent the night at the home of a female friend. Clearly their happy ending is still within reach, but season eight is either going to detail their breakup or find them finally committing to each other once and for all.

Mike and Natalie still have plenty of work to do

As Cinema Blend reports, Natalie previously admitted to producers that she didn't really love Mike. The season preview finds Natalie scrambling as the reality star realizes she must move to America within 20 days of receiving her K-1 Visa. Mike isn't sure about committing to marriage so quickly, and the clip even suggests he's changed his mind completely as Natalie exclaims, "You're sending me home?" while crying hysterically. The 90 Day Fiance star explains, "I'm honestly scared. I have to leave the country because I'm illegal here. Michael is monster." Michael agrees but simply tells her he's sorry.

However, as Screen Rant notes, Mike and Natalie are very much still together, with a local newspaper in Mike's hometown even advising the couple tied the knot early in 2020. It's not yet clear whether the TLC cameras were present for their big day, but regardless things are clearly fine with them, at least for now. Neither party is active on social media, so it's difficult to tell where exactly they're at, but season eight should showcase plenty of highs and lows along the way. Hopefully, they can make it work.