Married At First Sight's Danielle Dodd Reveals A Scary Danger In Her Pregnancy

Married At First Sight sees a lot of ups and downs. Not many couples can make a marriage work after getting married on the day they met. Still, there are a few heartwarming success stories that prove the crazy concept can actually work. Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd are one of those couples. The two announced they were expecting their first child just before their season's reunion special in February 2019, per In Touch Weekly.

The couple has loved parenting so much that they announced their family will grow yet again. Bergman revealed to People that they will welcome another baby in 2021. "We are so blessed and lucky to be able to announce that we are able to grow our family by one more," she said. "Olivia has changed our lives in so many positive ways and we can't wait to be able to give her a sibling." While this is exciting news for the small family, Bergman mentioned there may trouble with the birth of her second baby because of complications from her first pregnancy.

Danielle Bergman is due in January, but it looks like she may not make it that long

SoapDirt reports that a complication that Danielle Bergman also experienced during her pregnancy with Olivia may result in her welcoming her new baby sooner than later.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Bergman revealed she's experiencing symptoms of HELLP syndrome. Per Healthline, the condition is associated with preeclampsia. It's a disorder of the liver and blood that can be fatal. Bergman shared that her doctors became concerned about discovering her liver enzymes were elevated and her blood platelets have dropped.

Bergman was released from the hospital under strict monitoring, but she's understandably scared after her experience delivering Olivia. She delivered her daughter safely in the end, but had to remain in the hospital for five days afterward to stabilize her blood pressure.

"When the OB-GYN came to visit, she said that the symptoms had come on so fast (remember, I went to the OB-GYN for my checkup hours before symptoms started) that if I would've waited just a few more hours, both myself and Olivia would not have survived," she wrote in a birth blog for People.

"That is still chilling to me, even to this day. What a difference a couple of hours made between life and death." Here's hoping Bergman makes it through the rest of her pregnancy safely and has a more positive experience welcoming in her newest little one.