Here's What To Know Before Getting Rid Of Your Unibrow

If you've got a unibrow and you don't want one, you might be tempted to go in there with your tweezers and get your eyebrows separated as soon as possible. You may want to slow down though — there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start removing your hairs. 

First off, you should consider the pros and cons of the different methods of hair removal. Plucking might be your first thought — it's the least expensive method, and you may already have tweezers on hand. Bear in mind though that plucking can be painful and can take longer than some other methods. If you are going to pluck, Healthline recommends going slowly and carefully, "stretch[ing] your skin taut," and pulling the hairs out swiftly "in the same direction" that they're growing. Plucking along with the grain can "prevent breaking" and make the removal less painful. When you're done plucking, treat the area you've plucked with "a soothing lotion."

If you're going to use a depilatory cream (a cream that removes hair), test it on a spot of hair on another part of your body first to make sure you don't have any kind of negative reaction before you apply it to your face. If you're going to thread your brows, and you've never done it before, bear in mind that it takes some skill and might irritate your skin.

Waxing, shaving, lasers, and electrolysis all have risks

If you're going to wax, keep in mind that it can be harder to control than other methods, so try to remove as little as possible at first. Elle suggests trying waxing if you're too upset by the slow, sharp pain of tweezing or threading, and you want a more immediate method. Don't wax, however, if you have very sensitive skin. 

You might be considering shaving, since you already have the razor, but think again. As Men's Journal explains, razors are too large to give you the accuracy you need, it's nearly impossible to get the angle right, and you'll increase your chance of irritating the area and getting ingrown hairs. 

Tired of the constant upkeep? Electrolysis and laser hair removal may work if you want a more permanent method, but they can be costly, and they can in some cases cause scars or infections. If you can afford it and you're willing to take the risk, go for it. 

Finally, it's worth considering a possibility that many people rule out from the get-go: what if you rocked your unibrow? If you're sure you want to remove it, go for it, but just remember that sporting the Frida Kahlo is an option. If you want, you can wear your unibrow proudly like the badass you are.