What Really Happens When You Use A Sugar Scrub On Your Face

We're all after healthy skin. Skin that just looks so hydrated and well-rested it glows! Unfortunately, not all of us have caught enough zzz's, and have been chugging more coffee then water these days. Luckily for us, there are scrubs, serums, and toners galore to help us look like we've spent the day at a spa and not at a desk.

Sugar scrubs are thick in texture, come in a range of scents, and are designed to exfoliate the skin (via Byrdie). Sloughing away the dull, dead skin on your body while enjoying a little aromatherapy sounds lovely right? Yes, but you should try and avoid your face. Joshua Ross, celebrity aesthetician and founder of West Hollywood's SkinLab says, "There isn't a sugar scrub I would recommend for the face, as I think people are better off with a washcloth or a mild chemical exfoliation" (via Byrdie).

The potential side effects of using a sugar scrub on our face are far from our original desired results. Noticeable irritation, redness, and scratches and wounds, to name a few (per Healthline). But how can this be if sugar scrubs can be made of the same ingredients as other face scrubs? Ross explains, "It's more about the amount of grit and particles," he says. "A body scrub will have larger particles and a face scrub will have smaller ones" (via Byrdie).

The exception to the rule

Like with any rule, there is always at least one exception. While using a sugar scrub on most of your face is a no-no, using it on your lips is considered okay. Our lips tend to be dryer than the rest of our face due to lower density of oil glands, and being subject to constant exposure to all different types of weather. For softer lips, Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board-certified and nationally-acclaimed dermatologic surgeon in New York recommends to exfoliate the lips with sugar scrub at least once or twice a week. But, "If your lips are feeling raw, you should stop immediately as you are over-exfoliating" she warns (via Byrdie).

And it's not just specifically sugar scrubs to keep away from your face. Be careful when you choose your next face scrub, as even those specifically designed for your mug can be harmful. Before you try a new face scrub, take a little and try it on your arm first. If it is too coarse for the skin on your arm, then keep it away from your face (via Healthline). Now that we know where to keep the sugar away from, we're can stay on track in our quest for glowing skin.