Sandra Lee Calls Leaving Home Shared With Andrew Cuomo Saddest Day

Sandra Lee just moved out of the home she once shared with her ex-boyfriend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Page Six reported that the home was sold in October for $1.85 million. While the couple split up over a year ago, moving out was still a devastating moment for Lee, who penned a tribute to her time in there on Instagram.

"Today will be one of the saddest days of my life," she wrote. "Today is the day that I do the final move out from Lily Pond. I love that house and I have a personal relationship with every single room of that home. I hope the new owners take care of it as well as I did and I will love it forever."

"My last moments on Lily Pond were very BitterSweet," wrote the celeb chef in another Instagram post. "I walked around the outside of my beautiful home — I wanted to drink in every angle and remember the beautiful moments that were spent in every place... I just looked at the house, I prayed the next owners would be kind to it and love it as I did —- I cried and cried."

Saying goodbye was difficult for Sandra Lee

Lee walked through her house room by room "and thanked each for giving us love and shelter, a warm place to grow and a true home to be happy." When it was time for her to leave, she decided to exit through the front door, which she and Cuomo never used. After leaving the house for the last time, she noticed that she had left the porch lights on, but when she went back to turn them off, she found that the door had locked behind her.

"It was as if the house said 'It's time to move forward Sandy!!'" she wrote. "It was a most amazing experience and I absolutely know that house and all of its 3 beautiful acres loved us too!"

Lee and Cuomo broke up in September 2019, but remain on good terms. "Over the recent past, we have realized that our lives have gone in different directions and our romantic relationship has turned into a deep friendship," they said in a joint statement last year (via The New York Times).