Eat Lots Of Carbs Every Day And Watch This Happen To Your Body

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to scarf three doughnuts for breakfast, nosh on a baguette for lunch, and dig into a huge bowl of pasta for dinner? In a dream world where what we eat won't affect our bodies, this would be an incredibly delicious, carb-filled day. In reality, we need to be aware of what will happen if we overindulge in our love of carbs. Here is what you will start to notice if you eat lots of carbs every day.

Unfortunately for those who claim they are addicted to carbohydrates, you could be facing a number of health issues. Registered Dietician Amanda A. Kostro Miller, who serves on the advisory board of Fitter Living, shares with Mashed, "If you tend to overindulge on carbs, especially sweets, snack foods, and sugar-sweetened beverages, you may see weight gain, or inability to lose weight like you want."

A diet high in sugar-filled, fast-digesting carbohydrates, like those found in processed snacks, can also lead to feeling lethargic and "foggy" in your brain (via Eat This, Not That). If you're constantly reaching for unhealthy snacks to get a burst of energy, you are setting yourself up for crashes and fatigue. "Having too many fast-digested carbs at one meal can put your blood

sugar on a roller coaster ride," New Jersey-based registered dietitian and certified diabetes expert Erin Palinski-Wade tells Eat This, Not That. "If you feel sluggish and tired after a meal, it may be that you consumed too many carbs ... especially the fast-digesting ones."

When simple sugars are digested, your blood sugar levels spike

Consuming too many simple carbohydrates — also known as simple sugars — can also put you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Isabel Smith, a registered dietitian and founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, explains that the more simple carbs consumed, the more insulin your pancreas produces. A continued spike in blood sugar levels and increase of insulin production can lead to insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes (via Time).

So, weight gain, lethargy, brain fog, and a heightened risk for type 2 diabetes ... we're starting to understand why carbs don't have the best reputation. The popularity of low-carb diets like paleo and keto haven't helped with carbs' reputation either.

Of course there are the good types of carbohydrates — like oats, sweet potatoes, and lentils — and good carbs are a part of a healthy diet (via Healthline). We're not suggesting that you cut carbs from your life. We love doughnuts too! Just have them as an occasional treat instead of a daily meal.