Astrologer Explains Why You Don't Relate To Your Sun Sign

Are you a skeptic who thinks horoscopes are nonsense because the description of your sign isn't even close to your personality? Well, before you dismiss the entire concept of astrology, Phoenix Knor'malle, a psychic advisor at, explained that there's actually a very logical reason why your sun sign might not ring true.

"Occasionally, I hear people stating that they do not relate at all to their sun sign," Knor'malle said in an interview with The List. "Typically, these people relate more to their moon or rising placements more than the sun placement," which make up the "big three" of your astrological chart. If you don't relate to your sun sign, moon sign, or your rising sign, Knor'malle conceded, "It is easy to question if astrology is even real!" She went on to add, "However, there is a good reason why some people do not relate to their sun sign ... The cause for this disconnection lies in the houses."

Explaining that "the first house in astrology represents the identity and sense of self," Knor'malle noted, "The signs that fall into this house will typically be the ones that you 'resonate with' on a personal level. In situations where you do not identify with your sun sign, there is probably a good chance that your sun sign is not in the first house." This isn't the only reason why your sun sign might not seem to fit your personality, though.

If you're born on the cusp of two signs, your sun sign might not run true

If your birthday is on the last day of one sun sign, it's possible that the sun sign the day after will be a better fit for your personality. Or, if your birthday is on the first day of when a sun sign begins, you might have more in common with the star sign that ended the day before you were born, according to Phoenix Knor'malle. 

"Cusps are born on or near the transition date of two zodiac signs," the psychic advisor explained. "Cusps can lean more heavily towards one sign than the other, or they can be a balance of both." In fact, this is a pretty common phenomenon for cusp babies. "Many times, I hear people saying that they are a cusp between X and Y signs and their birthday is in Y, but they feel more like X sign," Knor'malle continued. "It is possible that being on a cusp of two signs minimizes the traits of one, making it harder to relate to. "

What if your personality is the opposite of your star sign profile?

It's one thing if your sun sign doesn't really match your personality, but what if the description of your star sign literally sounds like the opposite of you? For example, Virgos are known for being organized — but you're a mess. There's actually an astrological explanation for that, as well. 

"It is possible that a retrograde may influence how the energy of your sun sign is manifesting in your life," Phoenix Knor'malle explained. "Retrograde means that a planet appears to be moving in the opposite direction, thus affecting how the astrological qualities of that planet manifest themselves during the retrograde period."

So, how can you tell whether you're a retrograde baby? A reading with a professional astrologer can help you understand the position of the planets when you were born. "If you happened to be born when your sun's ruling planet was in retrograde, there is a chance that this altered the way the qualities of that sign manifest in your personality," Knor'malle said. "I like to think of a retrograde in astrology a bit like reading a reversed tarot card; it is the same basic meaning, but with a very different emphasis."