The Myth You Need To Unlearn Before Tweezing Your Eyebrows

When it comes to tweezing your own eyebrows, there are a whole lot of rules you need to be aware of — but one rule we're willing to bet you've been following is actually a big fat lie. And that happens to be the now-defunct rule about not tweezing above your brows. 

Yep, as Maral Balian, an eyebrow specialist at New York City's Warren Tricomi Salon, told Harper's Bazaar, "It's a total myth!" She explained, "It's a crucial step that helps balance your face." Meanwhile, Tonya Crooks, the owner of Los Angeles' Mirror Mirror Beauty Studio, agreed while telling Allure, "Forget the old rule that says you should never tweeze above the brow. If a few hairs are interfering with an ideal shape, they need to go, period."

So, now that you know it's allowed (and encouraged, even), you're probably wondering how you should go about tweezing above the brow? "A good rule of thumb is to comb your brows upward — I use the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Brush — and then to the side," Balian advised Harper's Bazaar. "If you see any obvious hairs outside the natural shape, tweeze them." It's as simple as that.

If you're tweezing your eyebrows, you need to 'take it slow'

When tweezing your eyebrows, you'll also need to be extra careful and go seriously slow. As Vincent Oquendo, a celebrity makeup artist, told InStyle, "Take it slow, make it something you do on a lazy Sunday night — the more time you allot to getting comfortable shaping your brows, the better." He warned, "I've for sure rushed through grooming myself in the past, and have definitely come out looking lopsided." 

But remember, if you're not feeling very confident or simply don't feel comfortable plucking the hairs above your eye, then just leave them. "Less is always more," Nicky Cayot, an esthetician and brow artist in New York City, told SELF. "You can always get those one or two more hairs next time if you're unsure of where to stop." Or, you can simply leave them for a professional. 

Whatever you choose and whatever happens, don't forget that your eyebrows can always grow back.