The Harry Potter Fan Who Looks Identical To Hermione

When someone tells you that you look like a celebrity, it's a hit-or-miss whether you'll be flattered. On one hand, who wouldn't want to be able to pass as a famous figure, especially if there are perks involved? On the other hand, it could get annoying. After all, sometimes people can be as harsh as they are adoring of actors and actresses. 

One woman has learned to embrace her shocking celebrity doppelgänger. Since she was a little girl, Ella Norton has been complimented for her striking resemblance to actress Emma Watson, Norton revealed to Bored Panda. The actress behind the beloved Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films could be Norton's twin. 

Norton recently shared a photo of herself cosplaying as Hermione. Not even the most die-hard Harry Potter fans on Reddit could tell the two apart. The post went viral with over 40,000 people stunned by the resemblance, which inspired Norton to take it a step further.

Ella Norton has taken the opportunity to get into cosplaying

Ella Norton recently started cosplaying as Hermione Granger, as she revealed to Bored Panda. She hopes to expand to Emma Watson's other characters in the future. "I've only recently started cosplaying this year," Norton explained. "So far I've only really cosplayed as Hermione, but I'm looking to also cosplay Belle from Beauty and The Beast, and Meg March from Little Women. I've never done any professional cosplay before, but I'm looking forward to learning more about cosplay and going to conventions when I can."

"I am really enjoying getting started in the cosplay community, and also sharing the books I'm reading and my studying, which I am very passionate about. It's also great to have a platform on which I have a voice to speak on important issues," Norton added.

Norton told Redditors that she's beginning to explore where the resemblance might take her. "I'm interested in maybe doing some part-time body double work in films when I'm 18 though, as we are also the same height," she shared. "I've just been scouted by an agency, so we'll see what happens!"