The Surprising Health Conditions You Can Treat With Botox

Botox is like hipsters and Peloton. It's gone mainstream. Once known to be mainly used by only celebrities and wealthy housewives, getting Botox was discussed in hushed tones. Today, Botox has become an acceptable procedure for men and women of all ages, and a lot of its admirers are vocal fans. So popular has this little injection become, that over six million treatments are known to be done a year (via Marie Claire).


Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is mainly used to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (per Medline). While it has a reputation for being cosmetic, there are a surprising number of health conditions that can be treated by Botox. For example, if you refuse to wear any color other than black because you sweat a lot, then Botox may be your not-so-secret weapon. Getting Botox in your armpit can greatly reduce that armpit stain by temporarily blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweating (via M Health).

Botox can be the answer for migraine sufferers

Another medicinal use for this drug best known for wiping out wrinkles is for migraines. Migraines are a pain (pun intended). And chronic sufferers of this severe headache may find relief in receiving Botox. To reduce the chance of getting a migraine, your doctor will likely inject multiple doses of Botox in areas around your nose, temples, neck, and upper back (via Healthline). Other conditions surprisingly being treated with Botox include TMJ, and eye twitching.


If Botox is sounding like a miracle drug right about now, remember to do the necessary research needed when looking to go under the needle. Dr. Sal Nadkarni, aka Dr. Sal, is a Los Angeles-based Botox expert who previously conducted research studies on the drug told The List"Regardless of whether your Botox injector is a physician, PA, RN, NP, or dentist, it's important to ensure that the person has had official training in cosmetic injections, and is a certified injector." So no matter what reason you are getting Botox for, make sure you have found the right administrator for the drug, and enjoy the results.