This Is Alayah Benavidez's Biggest Influence

The Bachelor's Alayah Benavidez may not have won Peter Weber's heart, but she made a major impression on fans for several different reasons. At first, Bachelor Nation wondered whether the former beauty queen was on the show for the right reasons. However, once she was sent home, many fans rallied around Benavidez, ensuring that her season 24 stint wouldn't be the last we'd see of her. The reality star even showcased her positive attitude to being eliminated, writing on Instagram soon after, "Hey mom, I'm doing just fine #choosehappy."

Since the show wrapped, the Texas native has been busy traveling, modeling, running her Three Bees Boutique, which helps fund literacy initiatives, and plenty more besides. Benavidez also took to Twitter to defend her portrayal on The Bachelor, tweeting, "Just a reminder to everyone ... There is about 1,200 hours of footage from Bachelor filming. In total you're seeing maybe 20 hours this whole season. there's a lot you don't see." If you're wondering where the pageant queen gets her strength from, it's somebody very close to home.

The Bachelor star considers her beloved grandmother as her hero

Bachelor fans will vividly remember how Benavidez greeted Weber for the first time with a sweet message from her beloved grandmother, Rose, explaining, "Family is something that's super important to me" (via YouTube). As My SanAntonio reports, the letter noted how Weber would have to be on his "best behavior" to impress her granddaughter. Grandma Rose added, "Be real, because she is." Clearly, her opinion is held in very high regard by Benavidez.

In fact, while speaking to Lady Code in 2016, the Bachelor breakout described her grandmother as her inspiration in life. "Growing up I always looked up to my grandmother," she told the outlet. She was, and still is, such a strong woman of faith." Benavidez added, "She's my counselor, my fashion adviser and my prayer warrior. Anyone who has met her would agree that she is inspirational."

Back in January, the beauty queen shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram, gushing, "Grandma Rosie has truly been such a blessing in my life. From being my prayer warrior to continuously and generously sharing her wisdom about life and faith, I thank God every day he gave me this angel to call my Grandmother."