Connie Chung Reveals The Truth About Her Relationship With Bryant Gumbel

Connie Chung, the legendary journalist, is spilling the tea on past coworkers, and since she's worked in the news since the 1970s, she's got a lot of tea. When Chung worked with Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show as a sub for Jane Pauley, it turns out Gumbel wasn't always so nice. In a Q&A from a conversation with Andrew Goldman for Los Angeles Magazine's The Originals podcast, Chung was asked if Gumbel suffered "from bigshot-itis." She replied, "I would say so. I'd be sitting beside him, but I was invisible, and we would see him at ... celebrity golf tournaments ... But you know, in recent years he's become a different guy." Chung believes that Gumbel changed for the better thanks to his marriage to a "wonderful woman."

And Gumbel wasn't the only one Chung had trouble with, explaining in the Q&A, "I didn't have a very good experience with a lot of male co-anchors, because they suffer from something called bigshot-itis, and it's sort of delusions of grandeur and sort of narcissistic behavior and a feeling of inability to stop talking."

Fans love that Connie Chung's airing the dirty laundry

We don't find out who was her absolute least favorite man to work with though. In the podcast interview, the final cut of which didn't include the details on Gumbel, she was asked about the most despicable man she ever encountered in the news, and she replied diplomatically, though perhaps unexpectedly given the rest of the interview, "Rather not say."

Some can't quite follow the reasons behind her dishing the dirt, like one user who tweeted, "Connie Chung sniping at the legends. Have some axes to grind, Connie? I wonder what tales can be told about her. Seems petty." But overall, it seems like people are here for it.

One of Chung's fans posted, "Good for #ConnieChung outing all of the pieces of craps she worked with. They wore a different face in front of an audience but truth never escapes! Kudos!!" Another tweeted, "Connie Chung out here spilling all the tea and I should be ashamed but I'm here for every second. This is not someone 3 levels removed. This is straight from the horse's mouth."