What Happened To Julia d'Albert Pusey From Below Deck Med?

British stewardess Julia d'Albert Pusey was one and done with Below Deck, appearing on the first season of Below Deck Mediterranean before sailing off to pastures new. Her Bravo bio noted how Pusey's twin "passion[s]" in life are "fashion and business," utilizing her connections in the yachting industry to fuel other creative pursuits. Pusey had previously worked for huge fashion brands and even launched her own clothing line.

On Below Deck Med, she notably left her long-term boyfriend at home in England to join the Ionian Princess as the second stew. Although deckhand Bobby Giancola took a shine to her, Pusey's eye couldn't be turned. She completed her charter without much incident, and her upbeat, positive attitude and charming accent keeping her in good stead with the rest of the crew. Perhaps Pusey simply wasn't meant for the reality TV yachtie life, but she's certainly kept busy in the years since.

The Below Deck Med star married her long-time love

Julia d'Albert Pusey boyfriend, Matty, became her husband in December 2018. With just 13 guests present, the happy couple said their "I do's" at All Hallows Church in Bardsey, England. "We had a lovely intimate day," the former Below Deck star shared on Instagram. Their honeymoon took them to Vietnam, Singapore, and Bali. Speaking to Bravo's Daily Dish in 2016, Pusey confirmed they'd moved in together after the show. She also revealed Matty's mother thought of them as a younger version of David and Victoria Beckham.

Although her now-husband supported Pusey's Below Deck Med journey, she admitted, "He never thought reality TV was something I'd sign up for and to be honest I didn't think it was either." Pusey even suggested the reason she didn't return to the show was because the couple found it too difficult to be away from each other. "It was back-to-back charters, so hard to find time to talk to him. And then Bobby creeping on me, so it was a lot for him to take," Pusey acknowledged.

Julia d'Albert Pusey is a bona fide businesswoman

As Bravo notes, Pusey used her post-reality TV time wisely by launching two companies; Myrtle & Maude, which specializes in natural pregnancy products, and swimwear line Girl Alliance. Speaking to the Daily Dish in 2016, she even reasoned that tying the knot with Matty wasn't a pressing concern because the couple was so focused on getting their businesses off the ground. Judging by Instagram, it seems Pusey is launching a new business, sustainable swimwear brand Renee Swimwear, in 2021, too.

Her Below Deck past looms large, as she used fellow franchise stars Malia White, Kasey Cohen, Aesha Jean Scott, Anastasia Surmava, and Brooke Laughton to model for Girl Alliance. With most of the world still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pusey has been working from home, sharing back in October 2020 that she and Matty were out for their first date in months (pictured above). The couple, who resides in Leeds, luckily also has adorable dog Lemmy to keep them company during the lockdown.