TikTok Has Discovered The Best Way To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Perfecting bouncy, natural curls is something we, as women, all struggle with and sadly will likely continue to struggle with for most of our lives. Even the most helpful and detailed hair tutorials can't prevent us from getting those annoying creases or, worse, unwittingly frying our strands. No matter how prepared we are, or which tools we use, something nearly always goes wrong. And yet, there are ladies out there who can curl their hair effortlessly every time with little to no incident.

TikTok has really taken over this year, not least because many of us have been stuck at home for months on end with not much else to occupy our time. Amid all the crazy dancing videos, lip-syncing, and viral challenges, there are some genuinely great beauty tips on there. In fact, the wilder the idea seems at first, the better the results tend to be. The latest major find is a method of curling your hair that's so easy you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.

Achieving perfect curls is effortless with this hot tip

Following hot on the heels of the sock curling tip — which, as Allure reported at the time, is an ingenious way to achieve bouncy, natural waves without the use of damaging heat — and the dressing gown belt trick that Cosmopolitan enthusiastically gave their seal of approval in spite of how ridiculous you might look while doing it, is a new trick. TikTok user __chinnari__ did a duet with ksanya95 to show how your regular ol' hair straightener actually holds the secret to perfect, effortless curls.

As the ladies showcase, it's all about wrapping your hair around the tool in a manner you've likely never even considered before. First, open the straightener up completely. Then, wrap your chosen strand of hair around it fully while the tool is still open. Next, wrap the bottom of your hair around the lower plate before clamping the straightener down as normal. Slowly and carefully move it down your tresses the same way you would if you were straightening, release once you've reached the end, and voilà! Bouncy, loose curls without any muss or fuss.